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Black Desert Mobile World Boss

Black Desert Online stands tall among the colossal MMORPGs thriving in the gaming realm. At the grand ceremony of The Game Awards in 2019, enthusiasts were thrilled as Black Desert Mobile, a long-awaited mobile adaptation, gracefully arrived on American shores. Black Desert Mobile strives to present players with an authentic MMORPG adventure right at their fingertips, seamlessly merging beloved characters, an aesthetically reminiscent appearance, and a captivating familiar backdrop that remains faithful to the renowned Black Desert Online franchise.

Ever since its introduction, Black Desert Mobile has swiftly risen to become a sensation among Android gamers. However, there are still numerous enthusiasts who have yet to immerse themselves in this captivating game. Whether you are a novice seeking to explore this thrilling series or a returning player looking to rekindle your passion, this article will reveal the intricate details of the diverse classes in Black Desert Mobile.

Black Desert Mobile: All classes

Black Desert Mobile Battle Hardened Ogre

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The global version of Black Desert Mobile boasts an impressive lineup of 13 foundational classes, each possessing the unique capability to metamorphose into either an Ascended or Awakened iteration of their original form. This unparalleled feature grants players access to a staggering array of 34 distinct classes, solidifying its status as one of the finest Android games.

Let’s delve into the breakdown of classes, showcasing each potential version alongside the fundamental class. While the Korean rendition of the game might offer additional classes, we’ll focus solely on those accessible to all players in this compilation.

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Base Class Awakening Ascended
Warrior Berserker Gladiator
Ranger Windwalker Huntress
Witch Invoker Archmage
Giant Destroyer Titan
Valkyrie Lancer Paladin
Sorceress Reaper Raven
Dark Knight Phantasma Void Knight
Striker —- Grandmaster
—- —- Hashashin
Tamer Spiritwalker Lupa
Maehwa Primrose Lotus
Musa Warlord Blade Master
—- —- Nova

Black Desert Mobile: S Rank classes

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Item Use
Striker Strikers might be the best overall class to use right now in Black Desert Mobile. Not only are they fast and great for PvE, but they’re relatively easy to learn, giving you a good chance at figuring out other game mechanics while you play.
Musa Musa classes have high damage in PvE and can handle themselves in pretty much every aspect of the game.
Warrior Warriors are similar to Strikers in that they are adept at pretty much everything and can survive in the game’s PvE and PvP modes with relative ease.

Black Desert Mobile: A Rank Classes

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Item Use
Valkyrie Valkyries offer some high burst damage and are a very durable class for newcomers and veterans alike. They may be weak to some other classes — namely Ranged users — but they’re still very dependable.
Maehwa Maehwa is a class that is extremely gear-reliant, but can reward players heavily if kitted outright. The versatility of Maehwas is also loved amongst fans, as is their ability to quickly get up close to enemies.

Black Desert Mobile: B Rank classes

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Item Use
Witch Witches have some of the best PvE abilities in the game, but can become a bit of a liability for PvP or Guild v. Guild gameplay. On top of that, you’ll need to be a bit more of a skilled player to really get the most out of the Witch class.
Tamer Tamers are extremely agile both in combat and while traveling around the game, but are very fragile when it comes to combat, especially in PvP game modes.
Dark Knight The Dark Knight class, is solid in all aspects of combat, but doesn’t truly excel in any of them. While initially a higher tier, the Dark Knight has been nerfed since its inception into the game, dropping it below some other current popular classes.

Black Desert Mobile: C Rank classes

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Item Use
Sorceress As their name suggests, Sorceresses have high damage when using magic abilities. As a result, they’re extremely good at helping to clear out areas in PvE, but not so great in other game modes, where they fall victim to more melee-focused classes.
Ranger Like Sorceress, the Ranger is excellent at ranged damage, but can get overpowered pretty quickly by other classes that feature more robust and versatile playstyles.
Giant Giants boast some of the best in damage and CC in the game and even have some great mobility for a character designed as a behemoth. However, their AoE damage isn’t too spectacular, and their lack of healing abilities makes them way too reliant on other classes to justify playing in a solo capacity.

Which class will you play?

If you’re seeking to embrace either a PvE-oriented character or one that can engage in thrilling battles with fellow players, Black Desert Mobile offers a vast array of options to satisfy your desires. Undoubtedly, the Striker, Musa, and Warrior stand as the supreme choices for newcomers venturing into the game or seasoned players aiming to enhance their gameplay to the fullest extent.

If you’re seeking to explore alternative options, the Valkyrie and Maehwa classes in the “A” rank present intriguing possibilities for those who don’t mind dedicating themselves to grinding for gear in order to enhance their power. On the other hand, there exist some classes in the “B” and “C” ranks that offer an enjoyable gameplay experience, although they may not be the optimal choice for aspiring to become one of the game’s elite players.

No matter your playstyle, Black Desert Mobile offers an abundance of captivating features. With its intricate class system that celebrates perseverance and dedication, you’ll be enticed to explore and master a multitude of classes.

Black Desert Mobile RecoMMO on Mobile

Embark on an extraordinary journey, whether you’re a devoted admirer of Black Desert Online or a curious newcomer, as Black Desert Mobile offers a plethora of delightful surprises. However, it’s important to note that cross-play with the standard version of the game is not available.

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