Twisting Blades Rogue Endgame Build Guide – D4

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As of the latest update on the vibrant date of June 29th, 2023.

Step into the realm of the Twisting Blades Rogue guide! Unveiling an unparalleled cultivator, this build surges ahead with swiftness that surpasses all other contenders in the game. Yet, this formidable might comes at a steep cost: your defenses may wane and the path to optimal play may prove arduous. Seek no further if you yearn for a thrilling, nimble, and seemingly unorthodox melee-style Rogue build. Your search ends here!

The technique known as Twisting Blades involves a dynamic two-step assault in close quarters combat. Initially, you strike a solitary foe with a moderate force, only to have the blades swiftly return to your grasp from the very spot of impact. These revived blades serve as the essential foundation of the strategy, requiring careful maneuvering and adaptability to achieve victory. As they soar through the air, these resurgent blades unleash devastating blows upon all adversaries they encounter, amplified further by the utilization of agile movement abilities such as Evade, Dash, and Shadow Step. With precise execution, entire groups of enemies can be eradicated in a single, awe-inspiring display of dominance.

Moreover, the Advanced Twisting Blades feature empowers you with the ability to swiftly restore and prepare most of your skills, ensuring their availability at almost all times. Although initially challenging to master, do not lose hope! By honing your skills through practice and utilizing our comprehensive guide, you too can triumph as a Twisting Blades Rogue in the realm of Diablo 4. Let the journey commence!

Hit-and-Run ✔Frequent Teleportations ✔Exudes a Gratifying Gameplay Experience ✔One of the Swiftest Constructions ✔.

❌ Challenging Gameplay ❌ Lackluster Defensive Strategies ❌ Repetitive when Focusing on a Single Target ❌ Demands Skillful Cooldown Management.

  • Puncture serves as our preferred Fundamental Technique for acquiring Energy while inflicting Slow & Vulnerable effects. However, as we progress, it becomes redundant and is substituted by the formidable Cold Imbuement.
  • Our primary skill, known as Twisting Blades, showcases our mastery of the art. By expertly plunging two knives into our foe, we unleash a mesmerizing display of power. These knives then magically soar back to us, originating from the very spot they were embedded, after a mere 1.5 seconds. As they effortlessly glide towards us, they gracefully form a fleeting circle around our agile form, enhancing our abilities as a Bladedancer. This intricate dance of blades grants us the perfect blend of devastating single-target strikes and awe-inspiring area-of-effect damage.
  • With the prowess of Dash and the enigmatic allure of Shadow Step, you possess an unparalleled ability to traverse the battlefield with astonishing mobility.
  • The Poison Trap, a formidable tool of utility, possesses not only the ability to inflict damage, but also has the power to unleash a myriad of beneficial enhancements and detrimental effects that greatly assist us.
  • Embracing the power of shadows, Shadow Imbuement aids in effortlessly vanquishing groups of enemies while revitalizing our Energy by harnessing the essence of Consuming Shadows.
  • Unlock the power of Momentum, the ultimate catalyst for unleashing a cascade of potent enhancements to your melee prowess.
  • Rogues have the option to select one among three unique passives that amplify their playstyle. In our case, we opt for Inner Insight as it allows us to incessantly unleash Twisting Blades, despite the build’s high resource demand. This Specialization choice partially resolves the issue of resource depletion.

    To trigger it, you must strike the designated foes adorned with a majestic purple emblem atop their craniums. The pace at which the Inner Sight meter beside your Energy orb fills up is determined by the extent of damage inflicted upon the intended target. This introduces a crucial factor of decision-making to your gameplay style, demanding a certain level of proficiency with the build in order to unleash its complete potential.

    When faced with a decision, one must consider the options: is it wiser to direct your attack towards the Inner Sight target due to dwindling Energy reserves, or should you instead focus on maximizing the impact of your returning blades by striking a larger number of enemies? There are instances where you can achieve both objectives, but there will also be times when you cannot, necessitating swift adaptation to the circumstances at hand. It is generally advisable to avoid depleting your Energy completely, as this will result in a tedious wait for regeneration before you can resume your offensive. When dealing with solitary adversaries, you need not concern yourself with targeting, as a favorable outcome is guaranteed every few seconds, allowing for a seamless barrage of Twisting Blades.

    ← Scroll to Level →

    Level the Paragon Board by scrolling. Each step optimizes progression.

    Input: In order to unlock the Additional Bonus of our Glyphs, we must enhance them by connecting them to adjacent nodes. To maximize our bonuses, we allocate all the relevant nodes within range for certain Glyphs, while for others, we only allocate the minimum number of nodes required for the Additional Bonus. As the radius of Glyphs increases when they reach level 15, our focus should be on leveling them up by completing Nightmare Dungeons. Once that is done, we shift our attention to leveling up our most powerful glyphs to level 21.

    These enigmatic symbols are exclusively employed during the process of leveling, as a few of our ultimate Glyphs remain dormant until they attain the magnificent level of 15. Abstain from enhancing these Glyphs during this phase, for they shall be replaced in due course.

  • Fluidity.
  • Level 15.

  • Diminish.
  • Turf.
  • Exploit.
  • Combat.
  • Closer.
  • Level 21.

  • Combat.
  • Turf.
  • Closer.
  • Exploit.
  • Diminish.
  • Twirling Blades serves as our primary source of devastation. To maximize its impact on monster packs, one must deftly harness the returning blades to strike numerous adversaries simultaneously. When facing multiple foes, engage distinct targets with precision, striking them 1-3 times before swiftly evading through a nimble run, a daring Dash, or a stealthy Shadow Step. By doing so, the returning blades will adeptly carry out their intended function. However, when confronted with solitary adversaries, unleash an unrelenting barrage of this skill without hesitation.
  • Our repertoire of movement abilities includes Dash and Shadow Step. Dash grants us unrestricted freedom of usage, whereas Shadow Step necessitates a target and is therefore recommended for initiating encounters with fresh packs. Moreover, it possesses the remarkable capability of transporting us effortlessly across elevated or descending cliffs in outdoor environments.
  • It is absolutely vital to unleash surprise attacks on foes from the rear every few seconds in order to activate Momentum, particularly when facing boss enemies that are immune to crowd control. While Shadow Step naturally accomplishes this, there are situations where one can simply walk stealthily behind a target and deliver a decisive blow to achieve the desired outcome. Maintaining the buff at a constant 3 stacks should always be a priority. When facing groups of monsters, this is easily achieved as the blades you hurl tend to find their mark from behind as the creatures trail behind you.
  • Our Poison Trap skill not only controls crowds but also provides utility. It effectively reduces incoming damage and boosts our damage against targeted enemies. To maximize its potential, it is ideal to utilize this skill immediately after a Shadow Step, positioning oneself in the midst of the enemy group. By upgrading it with the Stun ability, we can ensure the immobilization of an elite foe, subsequently following up with a knockdown from the Trap to completely neutralize any potential danger in the majority of encounters. Furthermore, we employ the Trap to trigger Vulnerable status on powerful adversaries and bosses when combined with Blast-Trapper.
  • Shadow Imbuement blows up packs and helps us to restore Energy with Consuming Shadows until we have a more well-rounded setup later. It also helps to spread the Vulnerable debuff more easily for a damage boost until the Exploit. Glyphs comes online.
  • The art of Cold Imbuement is a formidable skill, capable of freezing foes and dealing devastating damage to formidable adversaries. It should be noted that these two imbuements cannot be employed simultaneously, thus requiring a skillful rotation.
  • Rewritten Crucial: In case your Energy recovery setup is not fully established, opt for Puncture rather than Cold Imbuement as a temporary substitute when Energy is depleted. The precise allocation of points for this arrangement can be found in the skill overview provided.
  • Mastering the art of balancing your Resources and Cooldowns is the key to triumph in this extraordinary build.

    The potential of this feature is boundless, empowering us to create an abundance of energy. Various pathways exist to activate it:

  • Gloves of Mangler’s Resilience offer a Golden Opportunity for Deceleration.
  • The mesmerizing spell cast by Mangler’s Aspect induces a state of bewilderment known as Daze.
  • Crawling due to a Tire Puncture.
  • Dash’s Slow & Daze, a captivating combination.
  • Surprised by the Stealthy Move.
  • The relentless descent caused by the venomous snare.
  • Toppling over with Precision Strikes.
  • The electrifying impact of Shadow Crash leaves its victims in a state of bewilderment.
  • Relax with the soothing embrace of Penitent Greaves.
  • Cold Imbuement grants the power to Chill & Freeze.
  • Overall, the resource aspect serves as a powerful catalyst, empowering you to incessantly unleash your Core Skill with minimal interruptions. Your primary objective should be to acquire an exceptional roll of Umbral via Obols (rings), thereby granting you the complete setup sans the need for a Basic Skill.

    The formidable combination of Umbral and Penitent Greaves empowers us to forsake additional means of crowd control and Energy regeneration, such as Innervation, Shadow Crash, and Consuming Shadows, once we possess both these exceptional items.

    Obtainable at an early stage from the esteemed Codex of Power, this resourceful tool proves to be an invaluable asset. Its worth transcends a mere minimum roll, as it seamlessly harmonizes with Momentum and Inner Sight to enhance energy recuperation right from the beginning.

    Make sure your amulet possesses a remarkable potential to decrease Energy Cost, thus aiding in the efficient management of your resources. It is crucial to prioritize obtaining a superior roll in this aspect. Furthermore, do not overlook the opportunity to secure a modest Energy Cost Reduction roll on your boots, particularly before obtaining the prestigious Penitent Greaves.

    Shadow Imbuement

    Uniting with the Consuming Shadows, one can replenish their Energy reserves by triumphing over adversaries. In times of scarce resources and confronting a mighty horde of monsters, employ this ability to recharge your entire energy bar. Particularly during the initial stages of advancement, this proves to be an invaluable resource, although its significance diminishes as superior equipment is obtained. Thus, enabling you to wholeheartedly concentrate on maximizing its destructive potential in the future.

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    Just like the enchantment of shadows, this skill can be unleashed to unleash additional devastation and assert control over the battlefield, particularly when facing smaller groups or formidable adversaries, simultaneously invoking the power of the Umbral forces.

    Rewritten Give utmost focus to your Inner Sight gauge, which is situated at the bottom alongside your UI Energy globe. As you engage in combat and inflict damage upon your foes, this gauge gradually fills up and triggers a boundless supply of resources for a brief span of 4 seconds, presenting you with a window of opportunity to unleash devastating power. Moreover, it replenishes your Energy reserves entirely, allowing you to continue your assault multiple times. Since abilities like Ravenous and Umbral are ineffective against bosses, our foremost method of restoring Energy in such scenarios relies upon Inner Sight, fortunately coinciding with its optimal functionality.

    Embrace the freedom to unleash the power of Dash and Shadow Step whenever the need for speed arises. Unleash the first to swiftly traverse from one pack to another, and seamlessly follow it up with the second. Take note of elites or mobs with an arsenal of crowd control abilities and ensure you always have a reserve charge of Shadow Step to gracefully evade their clutches.

    Embark on an epic journey into the realm of the Endgame, where the abundance of tools to realize the ultimate build versions awaits. Allow us to accompany you on an enthralling exploration of various progression milestones, ensuring a seamless transition from our Leveling Guides to the pinnacle of your desired final build version.

    The choices you make in your Skill Tree are influenced by the availability of Legendary Aspects and Unique items. Although the Codex of Power Aspects is accessible to everyone, the path of progression varies for each individual.

  • Discover the hidden secrets within your mighty Codex of Power and unveil the enigmatic Aspects that lie dormant. Embark on a thrilling journey to unleash the essence of the Bladedancer, nestled deep within the mystical realm of Jalal’s Vigil in the enchanting land of Scosglen.
  • Unleash the explosive prowess of the Blast-Trapper within the majestic walls of Kor Valar Rampart in the enchanting realm of Fractured Peaks.
  • Voracious within the Transient Metropolis (Arid Plateaus).
  • Defiance within the Chambers of the Cursed (Kehjistan).
  • The Enigma of Edgemaster’s at Oldstones (Scosglen).
  • Power within the Abyssal Gorge (Arid Plateaus).
  • Deception lurks within the tranquil confines of Luban’s Rest, nestled amidst the enchanting Scosglen.
  • Spiritstalker amidst Shattered Fortress (Scosglen).
  • The Mischief of Misdemeanor at Renegade’s Refuge (Kehjistan).
  • Serene Tranquility amidst the Untamed Wilderness of Raethwind Wilds, nestled in the mystical realm of Scosglen.
  • The enigmatic figure known as Shadowslicer resides within the mysterious realm of Twisted Hollow, nestled deep within the enchanted forest of Scosglen.
  • Discover the coveted Legendary Aspects by embarking on epic adventures in Dungeons, Nightmare Dungeons, Helltides, the mystical Tree of Whispers, or by taking a chance with Obols: Mangler’s Aspect bestows upon us the power to unleash Daze upon our foes with every strike, ensuring safer battles, replenishing Energy with The Umbral, and unleashing the potent combination of Rapid Gambits and Trick Attacks. Upon obtaining this extraordinary Aspect, bidding farewell to Enhanced Dash and Disciplined Dash becomes a possibility, allowing us to focus on Rapid Gambits and freeing ourselves from the endless worry of maintaining Momentum stacks.
  • Unleashing Velocity: Bestows a plethora of additional Attack Speed, amplifying damage output, rejuvenation, and fortuitous strike phenomena. This supplants the tranquility within.
  • Embracer of Shadows: Unleashing the power of the second charge in your Shadow Step not only enhances your overall experience but also accelerates the pace of your adventures. This remarkable ability takes the place of Ghostwalker until the coveted Penitent Greaves come your way.
  • The Shadowed: Though this formidable force resides within the codex, its potency remains feeble at its lowest level. However, with a stroke of good luck, you will constantly replenish your Energy reserves, allowing you to freely unleash a barrage of Twisting Blades. Once you have successfully assembled the remaining pieces and this element attains a peak roll, you will most likely forsake Puncture in favor of Cold Imbuement, bidding farewell to the past forever.
  • Discover the extraordinary treasures concealed within the depths of Dungeons, Nightmare Dungeons, and Helltides. Please be aware that the acquisition of Unique items through obols is strictly prohibited! Introducing the Penitent Greaves: a remarkable alternative to Ghostwalker or Ravager, these Boots grant you the power to effortlessly freeze your foes, replenish your Energy reserves from The Umbral, and inflict additional damage through their mystical influence. By donning these enchanted Boots, you can bid farewell to Innervation and instead embrace the empowering Frigid Finesse, thereby unlocking a substantial boost to your offensive capabilities.
  • The Khanjar of Asheara: A remarkable replacement for the Aspect of Corruption, this exquisite instrument enhances speed-focused strategies. Its added attack prowess and increased mobility truly propel you to new heights.
  • The Jester’s Tiara: Should fortune smile upon you with this fortuitous find, discard the deceiver’s headpiece.
  • Doombringer: Should fortune favor you upon acquiring this treasure, it shall serve as a worthy substitute for the Aspect of Corruption. Behold, for this mighty blade boasts extraordinary attributes and a fortuitous ability to endure the perils of formidable endeavors, be it the treacherous depths of the Nightmare Dungeon or the formidable challenges presented by the illustrious Pinnacle Bosses.
  • Upon finishing the leveling guide, behold the assured possession of the Codex of Power Aspects. Embracing this arrangement, you shall embark on a journey to harvest the coveted Legendary Aspects and acquire the exquisite artifacts essential for your forthcoming advancement.

  • Access the complete range of Codex Powers mentioned earlier, each with its own unique purpose. Certain powers, like Shadowslicer, Inner Calm, and Ghostwalker, serve as temporary enhancements, adding an element of intrigue to your abilities.
  • The Bladedancer holds utmost significance, thus it adorns the ranged weapon.
  • The Ravenous creature can only reside on a ring.
  • The amulet of Blast-Trapper is enhanced to ensure greater consistency with the proc.
  • The helm is subject to change as we may replace it in the future.
  • The offensive slots are reserved for Edgemaster’s and Corruption to unleash their power.
  • Rebellion and Deception adorn the chest and trousers.
  • With a foundation rooted in Codex Powers, this configuration aims to advance our Energy replenishment to a level where reliance on Basic Skills becomes obsolete.
  • As you embark on your journey, the skill tree remains relatively unchanged, yet it adapts and evolves along the way, shaped by the diverse array of tools at your disposal.
  • Embrace the artful dance of skill rotation as outlined in the preceding section. As you embark on this build, you may find yourself yearning for Energy at times until you unleash your ultimate potential. Explore the captivating synergy between Shadow Imbuement and Consuming Shadows, while also tapping into the power of Inner Sight to maintain abundant resources. Reserve your Basic Skill for moments of respite and to invoke the essence of Vulnerable.

    Embrace this fascinating configuration, where every Legendary Aspect lies at your fingertips, empowering you to navigate a significantly mightier rendition of this design. Supplemental Legendary Aspects come into play to occupy slots that may eventually be substituted with one-of-a-kind items.

  • Dedicate your efforts to amassing The Umbral through high-stakes encounters with Obols. A fortunate outcome greatly enhances your capacity to unleash a flurry of attacks in tandem with an array of crowd-controlling abilities within this particular setup.
  • The incredible power of Mangler’s effect resides in its ability to effortlessly propagate Daze by engaging adversaries, thereby enhancing the security of battles, replenishing Energy via The Umbral, and activating Rapid Gambits + Trick Attacks. This remarkable feature serves as a replacement for Corruption.
  • Turbocharging: Bestows copious amounts of Attack Speed to unleash devastating damage, amplify healing abilities, and trigger fortuitous strikes. This innovation supplants Inner Serenity, as remaining stationary is not our preferred approach.
  • Embracer of Shadows: Unleashing the power of the second charge in your Shadow Step not only enhances your overall experience but also accelerates the pace of your adventures. This remarkable ability takes the place of Ghostwalker until the coveted Penitent Greaves come your way.
  • Our objective is to advance our Energy recuperation to a level where reliance on Basic Skill becomes obsolete. With consideration to your specific arrangement and the resources at your disposal, it may be necessary to refine your allocation of resources towards Consuming Shadows and Innervation until optimal satisfaction is achieved.
  • Experience the power of Mangler’s as it enables you to effortlessly swap out Enhanced Dash + Disciplined Dash and replace them with the formidable Rapid Gambits.
  • Once your Exploit. is online, you can switch Blended Shadow Imbuement to Mixed Shadow Imbuement for slightly higher damage output.
  • Embrace the recommended skill rotation outlined in the preceding section. By now, the fruits of your hard work should begin to materialize, manifesting in enhanced Energy recovery. Consider adjusting your resource management based on your luck with drops as you progress towards the ultimate setup. However, as a general rule, minimize your use of Basic Skill for attacking purposes.

    Within this configuration, you are bestowed with the privilege of accessing all the one-of-a-kind objects and extraordinary facets. Such an opportunity empowers you to maneuver this construction with utmost proficiency. Now, let us delve into the alterations required for their seamless integration.

  • The Penitent Greaves, a coveted item for your build, hold unparalleled uniqueness. Embodied within these Boots is the power to induce chilling frost, granting you superior control over unruly crowds. Additionally, they harness the energy of The Umbral, facilitating your swift recovery, while bestowing upon you the gift of amplified damage. Alas, their acquisition proves elusive, as there exists no reliable method to procure them deliberately. Persevere, my friend, and persist until fortune deems them fit to grace your presence.
  • With the omission of our fundamental proficiency in this arrangement, the necessity for physical strength becomes obsolete, thus reintroducing the concept of Corruption.
  • Make it a priority to obtain gloves that possess the remarkable ability of “Lucky Hit: Chance to Slow” if you haven’t already. These gloves are of utmost importance as they enable us to apply the Slow effect, which not only enhances our damage reduction but also ensures the preservation of the Paragon nodes we diligently acquired on the Cheap Shot board. So, focus your efforts on acquiring these gloves without delay!
  • When equipped with the remorseful greaves, our utmost desire is to acquire the chilly finesse, granting us an additional bonus in damage. By coupling these boots with the shadowy artifact, we are bestowed with copious amounts of energy regeneration, allowing us to forgo innervation and opt for a complimentary enhancement in damage.
  • Additionally, we discard Puncture for the enchantment of Cold. We are left with two points that are reserved for a Basic Skill that serves no purpose. To optimize its usage, it is advisable to assign this skill to the left click and activate it by simultaneously pressing “Force Attack” + LMB (default: Shift on PC).
  • Consuming Shadows is no longer a necessity, thus it is time to relinquish it alongside Shadow Crash. Instead, let us invest an additional point into the enchanting power of Shadow Imbuement.
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    We have moved beyond relying solely on Basic Skill, and now you possess the ability to incessantly unleash Twisting Blades. Additionally, you possess a second imbuement, which requires alternating between the two as they cannot be simultaneously active.

    Unlock the secrets to numerous inquiries within the forthcoming sections.

    Master the essential knowledge on elevating this construction to its ultimate potential in the endgame.

  • In the pursuit of superior combat prowess, we prioritize acquiring an abundance of Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage on our items. This is complemented by harnessing the power of the Combat glyph and skillfully mastering the Concussive + Trap Mastery passives.
  • Energy: Although unleashing a relentless barrage of Twisting Blades may seem challenging initially, it gradually becomes more manageable as we advance. The combined forces of Innervation and Inner Sight provide substantial assistance right from the beginning, and their effectiveness is further enhanced by acquiring greater Energy Cost Reduction rolls and harnessing the power of The Umbral through diverse means.
  • Vulnerable: We get a good chunk of Vulnerable Damage on our weapons including the Crossbow base and apply the debuff with the Exploit. Glyph. With Blast-Trapper we make sure that the debuff is permanently up in long fights.
  • Crowd Mastery: Within our arsenal, we possess an array of potent assets to unleash upon adversaries who are ensnared by crowd control. Foremost among these is the mighty Control Glyph, accompanied by an assortment of Paragon nodes, each bearing unique destructive potential.
  • Enhanced Mobility: By wielding advanced tools and possessing superior Movement Speed, we unlock the potential to maximize the effectiveness of every Twisting Blades maneuver as we extend their airborne duration.
  • Evade the Blow: Mastering the art of close combat may seem like an arduous task, but fret not! Armed with an array of crowd-controlling abilities and unparalleled swiftness, you effortlessly sidestep the majority of imminent strikes.
  • The art of crowd control is truly mesmerizing. With the cunning Shadow Step, elites are left stunned in their tracks. The cunning Poison Trap has the power to effortlessly bring down enemies whenever we desire. And let’s not forget about the mighty Mangler, whose skillful procs of Daze leave our foes bewildered. These incredible abilities work harmoniously to aid us in our endeavors.
  • The Mighty Cheat’s innovation greatly enhances Disobedience, making it one of the most formidable defensive attributes with exceptional uptime in this particular setup.
  • Embracing the art of restoration, we employ the mystical power of Siphoning Strikes to swiftly mend our wounds whenever the relentless onslaught of Twisting Blades + Bladedancer inflicts damage upon us.
  • Harnessing the power of momentum, our adeptness in melee combat grants us a unique advantage – a key passive that bestows upon us an additional 20% damage reduction, a privilege not easily attainable by other cunning Rogue builds.
  • Numerous statistics and status influences manifest on gear, but only a handful truly matter for your specific setup. Delve into the following comprehensive breakdown, along with a prioritized slot-wise analysis in the roster.

  • Harness the power of Vulnerable Damage, seize the opportunity of Critical Strike Chance, unleash devastating Critical Strike Damage, and embrace the unstoppable force of unconditional additive damage bonuses like Damage to Close Enemies or Core Skill Damage. Maximize their potential and witness incredible damage amplification.
  • Optimal Attributes: When it comes to core stats, Dexterity reigns supreme, closely pursued by Intelligence and Strength. If feasible, it is advisable to steer clear of Willpower.
  • Harness the power of Energy Cost Reduction on your Boots or Amulet to seamlessly balance and elevate your Energy control, ensuring optimal levels to unlock Edgemaster’s true potential.
  • Populate your item’s sockets with the following choices:

  • We embrace the majesty of the Royal Emerald within our arsenal, as its enchantment grants us an almost everlasting Vulnerable state.
  • The infusion of Royal Topaz within the Armor serves as a safeguard against unforeseen fatalities.
  • Transform your regal cranium into exquisite jewelry, granting superior protection and enhanced growth in defiance.
  • The consumables listed below are the key ingredients that greatly enhance the effectiveness of this construction.

  • Cruelty’s Essence, Fortitude’s Elixir, Intoxicating Strike Elixir & Intoxicating Precision Elixir.
  • Fragrances: Melody from the Peaks, Crimson Whirlwind & Symphony of Battle.
  • Take a glance at the table provided below to discover the most superior rolls for each slot, meticulously arranged in a hierarchical order based on their significance.

    Ranged Bladedancer Weapon Type: Crossbow

    Damage doesn’t matter

    1. Vulnerable Damage

    2. Critical Strike Damage

    3. Core Skill Damage

    4. All Stats

    5. Dexterity

    6. Damage to Close Enemies

    Sockets Royal Emerald
    Melee 1 One of:



    Weapon Type: Sword

    1. High Damage per Second

    2. Vulnerable Damage

    3. Critical Strike Damage

    4. Dexterity

    5. Core Skill Damage

    6. Damage to Close Enemies

    Socket Royal Emerald
    Melee 2 One of:



    Weapon Type: Sword

    1. High Damage per Second

    2. Vulnerable Damage

    3. Critical Strike Damage

    4. Dexterity

    5. Core Skill Damage

    6. Damage to Close Enemies

    Socket Royal Emerald
    Helm One of:




    1. Cooldown Reduction

    2. Maximum Life

    3. Total Armor

    4. Ranks to Shadow Imbuement

    5. Crowd Control Duration

    Socket Royal Topaz
    Chest One of:



    1. Damage Reduction

    2. Damage Reduction from Close

    3. Damage Reduction from Poisoned

    4. Maximum Life

    5. Damage Reduction from Distant

    6. Total Armor

    Sockets Royal Topaz
    Gloves One of:



    1. Ranks to Twisting Blades

    2. Critical Strike Chance

    3. Lucky Hit: Slow

    4. Attack Speed

    5. Critical Strike Damage for Imbued
    Pants One of:


    Implicit: Potion Grants Barrier

    1. Damage Reduction

    2. Damage Reduction from Close

    3. Damage Reduction from Distant

    4. Maximum Life

    5. Damage Reduction from Poisoned

    6. Total Armor

    Sockets Royal Topaz

    (Best in Slot)
    Penitent Greaves Implicit: Movement Speed on Evade

    1. Movement Speed

    2. Damage to Chilled Enemies

    3. Crowd Control Duration

    4. Cold Resistance

    5. Slow Duration Reduction

    Ravager Implicit: Max Evade Charge

    1. Movement Speed

    2. Energy Cost Reduction

    3. Movement Speed on Elite Kill

    4. Damage Reduction while Injured

    5. Dodge Chance
    Amulet Blast-Trapper 1. Energy Cost Reduction

    2. Ranks to Weapon Mastery

    3. Movement Speed

    4. Cooldown Reduction

    5. Ranks to Exploit

    6. Ranks to Malice

    7. Damage Reduction

    8. Damage Reduction from Close Enemies

    Socket Royal Skull
    Ring 1 Ravenous 1. Critical Strike Chance

    2. Critical Strike Damage

    3. Vulnerable Damage

    4. Maximum Life

    5. Resource Generation

    Socket Royal Skull
    Ring 2 The Umbral 1. Critical Strike Chance

    2. Critical Strike Damage

    3. Vulnerable Damage

    4. Maximum Life

    5. Resource Generation

    Socket Royal Skull

    Embracing the hardcore mode demands a meticulous construction of impregnable fortifications. Below are a few invaluable guidelines to thrive in this challenging game mode:

  • When preparing for battle, prioritize your attention towards your chest and pants. Ensure that these crucial pieces of gear are equipped with defensive attributes exclusively, as they greatly enhance your chances of survival.
  • Enhance your Paragon Boards by incorporating additional armor and bolstering your maximum life instead of focusing on damage nodes.
  • Incorporate the element of Safeguard in your arrangement, displacing the utilization of Might or Cheat’s. Should you succeed in maintaining a consistently elevated state of well-being, this remarkable defensive measure acts as a formidable shield against sudden onslaughts, affording you the opportunity to find refuge.
  • To enhance your safeguard, opt for Eluding instead of Corruption as a means to break free from crowd controls.
  • Exercise caution when utilizing Shadow Step and ensure you maintain a reserve of charges for engaging foes capable of impeding your movements, such as the formidable Cold Enchanted elites or the treacherous Snakes mob variants.
  • Once you’ve finished tending to your aspects, shift your attention to accomplishing your Renown, Altars of Lilith, Strongholds, and acquiring Waypoints to establish a solid foundation for the intense late game pursuit. Once that’s done, immerse yourself in the diverse array of endgame ventures in Diablo 4, each offering unique roles and enticing rewards: Engage in Open World Farming, conquer Helltide challenges, delve into Whispers, explore Nightmare Dungeons, confront formidable World Bosses, and engage in thrilling PvP encounters. Before diving in, ensure you possess a thorough understanding of the Twisting Blades Rogue’s strengths and weaknesses in each of these endeavors.

    Diablo 4’s expansive Open World beckons adventurers with a multitude of captivating pursuits: Venture into uncharted territories, unleash the power of Strongholds, track down elusive Altars of Lilith, engage in epic battles against formidable enemies, immerse yourself in dynamic Local Events, or harvest the bounties of Whispers and the Helltide.

    The Rogue of Twisting Blades reigns supreme among all builds in the game when it comes to conquering the open world. Its destructive power is unparalleled, obliterating foes in an instant, while its unrivaled mobility surpasses all others. Equipped with abundant Movement Speed, Dash, and Shadow Step abilities, you possess the ability to traverse any terrain in the blink of an eye.

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    Tree of Whispers

    The objectives to strive for in the Open World vary greatly based on the chosen build and the current stage of character progression. Here is a list of goals to consider:

  • Speedily attain Torment by conquering the Campaign and mastering the challenging Capstone Dungeons.
  • Expedite the attainment of your Renown and Altars of Lilith with utmost haste. Give precedence to effortless quests to amass renown points and conquer the accessible Dungeons in order to unlock the additional Skill and Paragon Points.
  • Harvest an assortment of crafting materials from the abundant fields to equip the Blacksmith and Alchemist with the necessary resources to enhance and embellish your equipment.
  • Unleash the power of the Farm of Forgotten Souls within the treacherous realm of Helltide, where you can embark on a journey to reshape your gear under the guidance of the enigmatic Occultist.
  • Engage in rural festivities and utilize the earned Obols to partake in games of chance involving weaponry, rings, or amulets.
  • The treacherous Abyssal Labyrinths stand as a pivotal endeavor within the realm of Diablo 4, attainable solely through the acquisition of mystical Sigils procured from the enigmatic Occultist. These coveted artifacts may be obtained by surrendering whispered secrets or by chance encounters within other harrowing Abyssal Labyrinths. Braced with escalating tiers of complexity, these perilous domains test the mettle of your character, unfurling the utmost challenge. Within this immersive gaming realm lies an unparalleled adventure, teeming with bountiful spoils and the ability to amplify your Glyphs, unearthing untold might.

    To embark on your journey through the Nightmare Dungeons, one must first acquire their inaugural Sigils by fulfilling the daunting task of completing 10 Grim Favors. Once accomplished, these Favors can then be traded at the mystical Tree of Whispers.


    Every Nightmare Dungeon presents a fascinating array of modifiers and objectives, each one distinct from the other. Prioritize understanding the diverse Nightmare Dungeon modifiers, boss battles, and rewards before embarking on them. To strike a perfect balance between challenge and experience gain, concentrate on farming Nightmare Dungeons that are 50-53 Tiers below your character’s level. Once you reach level 100, opt for the highest Tier that allows you to effortlessly complete runs within 3-6 minutes.

    The Twisting Blades Rogue is a master of swift plundering in the depths of Dungeons, swiftly reaping rewards of loot, gold, and Glyph levels. However, its ascent to greater heights is hindered by its modest defenses and reliance on close-quarters combat. By honing your gameplay and mastering the art of crowd control, you can enhance your chances of survival. Fear not, unless your ambitions soar to the utmost echelons, this build will serve you splendidly.

    Certain modifiers can severely hinder your build, whereas others can be easily disregarded.

    Steer clear of these modifiers whenever feasible.

  • The Burning Fury of Monster’s Ranged Assaults – Evading a barrage of ranged attacks is a daunting task, as this affliction possesses the power to render your damage capability utterly useless.
  • Death Pulse – An exceedingly perilous and vexatious ability for a close-range character that heavily depends on ceaseless maneuvering.
  • Give careful consideration to these modifiers:

  • The reduction in Critical Strike damage inflicted upon monsters results in a significant increase in their overall toughness, making all adversaries notably more resilient.
  • Input: The Resistance of Monsters to Vulnerable Effects – Significantly extends battles when facing formidable HP opponents.
  • Unleashing the Unstoppable Forces of Monsters – Our potential for inflicting damage diminishes greatly due to conditional effects, granting monsters the freedom to launch relentless attacks upon us.
  • Suppressor of Empowered Elites – Despite being a close-quarters technique, Twisting Blades unleashes blades that transform into agile projectiles, only to be thwarted by the impervious bubble.
  • The Barrier of Monsters – Debuffs and crowd control effects become futile in their presence until it vanishes.
  • As you ascend higher, the challenges of survival intensify, compelling you to prioritize evading enemy assaults. To truly explore the potential of this build at the pinnacle Tiers, here are a few extra tweaks to consider implementing:

  • Swap out the name Edgemaster’s and replace it with the fierce moniker Doombringer.
  • Unleash the full potential of Dark Shroud by extracting points from Malice and Exploit.
  • Cultivate a remarkable set of trousers adorned with an abundance of protective attributes, while also possessing the coveted enhancement of a +4 to the enigmatic Dark Shroud.
  • With these alterations, your offensive capabilities may have slightly diminished, but your defensive capabilities have generally enhanced. This is further complemented by the activation of Doombringer, which reduces enemy damage. Strive to maintain your Dark Shroud at 5 stacks whenever feasible and retreat momentarily to renew it if necessary. Only confront newly encountered groups of monsters when all cooldowns are available, and swiftly neutralize any threats with a well-placed Poison Trap. For an added layer of security, consider substituting Shadow Clone with Smoke Grenade, enabling you to incapacitate adversaries prior to engaging in combat.

    The all-powerful World Bosses emerge from set havens at specific intervals within the expansive realm. Adventurers frequently assemble to vanquish these formidable adversaries in pursuit of legendary treasures and Scattered Prisms, which enhance their equipment with additional sockets.

    Although it’s not mandatory to continuously engage in World Boss farming, it’s wise to amass a collection of Prisms for effortless gear replacement in the future. On rare occasions, you might stumble upon a Whisper mission linked to a World Boss, amplifying their value even further! Perhaps it’s worthwhile to fine-tune your strategies in order to conquer these colossal creatures with greater ease.

    Enhancing your setup to vanquish these colossal creatures could prove fruitful; consider bolstering your defenses, increasing your mobility, and amplifying your single target damage output.

    World Boss – Avarice, the Gold Cursed

    With its cunning Twisting Blades, the Rogue unleashes a formidable force against bosses, bolstering allies with the potent Debilitating Toxins and inflicting Vulnerable debuffs. Engaging in relentless close-quarters combat becomes imperative to unleash devastation, heightening the peril of these encounters unlike any other build.

  • Make it a point to arrive a couple of minutes ahead of time to ensure you catch the encounter.
  • Refrain from engaging in combat with a colossal world boss that surpasses the capabilities of your character.
  • It is crucial to maintain constant vigilance towards the boss’s assault sequences and skillfully evade using the ability of Evade.
  • Ensure the leader remains afflicted by the malevolent effects of Debilitating Toxins.
  • Preserve your Dash energy to evade the boss’s attacks and then swiftly counterattack using Shadow Step.
  • Maintaining a constant stack of 5 on your Dark Shroud is essential, ensuring its cooldown is fully refreshed before using it again.
  • Embrace the art of Spam Twisting Blades to its fullest extent.
  • Check out our Boss Guides for more detailed information on mechanics and attack patterns.

    The Fields of Enmity serve as PvP domains within the Open World, where adventurers may stumble upon Seeds of Animosity amidst battling monsters or cunning opponents. These Seeds possess the potential to be purified into Crimson Dust at scattered Altars throughout the domains. Such valuable Crimson Dust can be used as a form of wager to acquire not only Armor pieces but also rare Transmogs, both tailored for both you and your loyal Mount.

    Farming these zones becomes an extraordinary path to advance your character due to the amalgamation of abundant monster density and an array of combat enhancements.


    The Rogue of Twisting Blades is a fearsome adversary in PvP. Though lacking in heavy defenses or crowd control abilities, you possess the power to stun and daze opponents, making it easier to handle them. Your exceptional swiftness allows you to outpace nearly everyone, allowing for a swift retreat from a losing fight or a relentless pursuit to vanquish those attempting to flee. By swooping in unexpectedly with a barrage of returning blades, you can unleash a stunning burst of damage upon engaging an opponent. They will be completely caught off guard!

    Embrace the overarching Gameplay rotation as you gather the Seeds of Hatred. Remain vigilant for the emergence of the Khazra Abomination, a formidable zone boss, and the thrilling events that yield an abundance of seeds. When encountering fellow players, adapt your play style according to their distinct class, for it is of utmost importance. Stay tuned for an upcoming PvP Rogue Guide that will unveil a plethora of Tips tailored for various matchups.

    PvP strategy guide: Unleashing the potential of this build.

  • It’s essential to maintain a well-stocked reserve of Dash charges to be prepared for any unexpected ambush.
  • Steer clear of engaging in battles close to menacing creatures that might exhaust your reserves of Dark Shroud stacks.
  • Maintain relentless pressure in the face of any attempts at retreat. There is hardly any concern for cooldowns that may trouble you.
  • Integrate the art of evading into your strategy to ensure your survival amidst relentless attacks.
  • Spot an unsuspecting adversary? Engage in a cunning dance of death by unleashing Twisting Blades upon the nearby creatures, swiftly followed by a daring Shadow Step to unleash a relentless onslaught of explosive power with the blades of vengeance.
  • As soon as a guide becomes available, numerous players find themselves pondering over the reasons and methods behind our decision-making process. Within this segment, you shall discover the most frequently asked questions and their respective answers.

    How do I not run out of Energy without a Basic Skill?

    What can I do to improve survivability?

    Why no Poison Imbuement?

    How does this build compare to Twisting Blades with Death Trap?

    Dark Shroud Scaling

    Twisting Blades

    Penitent Greaves

    The Whispering Blades Rogue is an exhilarating and agile executioner, specializing in efficiently reaping outdoor exploits and effortlessly conquering low Nightmare Dungeons like no other. Though its mastery demands great perseverance, this build provides an immensely gratifying experience once its gameplay is honed, making it an impeccable selection to embark upon a new season.

  • Maximize your investment in Energy recovery from the start in order to unleash an onslaught of Twisting Blades.
  • Input: Engage in a series of calculated strikes before gracefully maneuvering around adversaries, striking them with blades that swiftly come back to you.
  • Employ the tactics of Evade, Dash, and Shadow Step to perpetually shift your position during combat.
  • Unleash the lethal Poison Trap to accumulate Disobedience and shield yourself from impending strikes.
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