Diablo 3 Best Solo Class: Best To Worst [2023]

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Within the realm of Diablo 3, Ethereals offer a remarkable duality, encompassing a fortuitous Class-passive potency and an unpredictable Class-Legendary might. Each class boasts a trio of distinct Ethereal weapons, culminating in a grand collection of 21 formidable armaments. Immerse yourself in this concise compendium as we enlighten you about the supreme solo class in Diablo 3, ensuring a smoother journey throughout season 24.

Key Takeaways.

  • The Demon Hunter, a formidable ranged specialist, possesses a deadly arsenal of offensive and defensive abilities, complemented by rocket assistance and unparalleled versatility. Among the various builds, the Gears of Dreadlands Hungering Arrow stands as the ultimate choice for maximizing the Demon Hunter’s potential.
  • The Necromancer, a practitioner of forbidden arts, wields a potent array of spells, curses, and creatures to manipulate foes and inflict harm through venomous, corporeal, and freezing energies. Among the various builds available, the Legacy of Dreams Corpse Explosion stands as the pinnacle for Necromancers, demanding mastery over specialized abilities to unleash cataclysmic bursts of devastation utilizing the very remains of the fallen.
  • The Crusader, a formidable and resilient class, wields mighty two-handed swords and shields to unleash both close-quarters and long-range devastation. Among the various builds, Aegis of Valor Heaven’s Fury stands out as the pinnacle, channeling the might of holy beams to deliver awe-inspiring single-target annihilation.
  • The Wizard, a mystical being, harnesses the power of long-range spells, inflicting devastating magical damage and commanding the forces of crowd control. However, their defenses may be somewhat lacking. To optimize their potential, the most ideal configuration for a Wizard lies within the enchanting Firebird Mirror Image build.
  • The Monk, a swift and nimble class, possesses the ability to wield two weapons simultaneously, inflicting physical, holy, and fiery harm through a range of diverse abilities. The ultimate masterpiece for a Monk lies in the Legacy of Dreams Wave of Light build, demanding specialized gear to unleash immense devastation upon foes, employing clones and torrents of luminous energy.
  • Diablo 3 best solo class
    Season 24 Ethereals

    Amidst the abundant perks offered by Ethereals and the unique dynamics of gameplay in season 24, it was inevitable that more innovative and potent character and class builds would emerge. While certain classes excel in 4-player DPS teams, others thrive in solitary pursuits. Within this concise handbook, we unveil the paramount solo class in Diablo 3, granting you a smoother journey through the present-day game.

    At present, the realm of possibilities in terms of gameplay is vast for players of all classes. This notion is reinforced by the fact that every class has managed to secure a spot on the prestigious S-tier list. Although distinctions exist between the diverse classes and individual players may gravitate towards a particular class based on their playstyle and personal inclinations, a handful of classes do distinguish themselves from the rest.

    5. Demon Hunter

    Diablo 3 best solo class
    Demon Hunter

    With a wide range of offensive and defensive abilities, the demon hunter class truly embodies versatility. Claiming the impressive fifth spot on our list, this ranged class wields the power of Hatred for offense and the discipline for defense. Such a combination grants the demon hunter remarkable adaptability. Moreover, these skilled hunters possess an extraordinary Rocket skill support that not only adds a touch of coolness but also delivers a devastating impact.

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    The epitome of Demon Hunter excellence lies within the Gears of Dreadlands Hungering Arrow build – a masterpiece unrivaled in its prowess. This awe-inspiring setup not only ensures seamless solo farming but also offers an effortless gameplay experience. Moreover, it grants an abundance of diverse options tailored to suit your personal taste, be it in terms of equipment, skills, or playstyle.

    Nevertheless, a plethora of nuances and intricate intricacies come hand in hand, necessitating a thorough grasp to fully unleash the potential of one’s character. Without a doubt, the Buriza Do Kyanon ballista wielded by the Demon Hunter stands head and shoulders above all other Ethereal weapons within the game, elevating the Demon Hunter to an unparalleled status amongst its class counterparts. In our comprehensive guide to the best solo class in Diablo 3, we have thoughtfully suggested a selection of indispensable equipment and invaluable skills for your consideration.

    Diablo 3 best solo class
    GoD Hungering Arrow Build

    Recommended Equipment:.

  • Dreadlands’ Mechanical Symphony.
  • The Enchanted Cirri Satchel.
  • Hunter’s Wrath.
  • Dawn.
  • Depth Diggers.
  • Veils of Lucidity.
  • Useful Skills:.

  • Hungering Arrow.
  • Strafe.
  • Vengeance.
  • Preparation.
  • 4. Necromancer

    diablo 3 best solo class

    In the realm of recent seasons, the Necromancer class shines as a perfectly balanced entity, neither inclined towards greatness nor plagued by mediocrity. These masters of sinister sorcery wield potent incantations and muster legions of loyal companions, utilizing them to dominate and decimate their adversaries. Commanding the forces of both mortality and immortality, they wield curses, golems, and undead allies as instruments of annihilation on the battlefield. Their formidable prowess hinges upon their intellectual prowess, allowing them to unleash a repertoire of venomous, physical, and frigid elemental strikes, seamlessly infused within their scythes and equipment.

    Unleashing the mightiest forces of Necromancy, the Legacy of Dreams Corpse Explosion reigns supreme as the pinnacle build. With its awe-inspiring burst damage potential, the LoD Corpse Explosion build effortlessly ascends to the coveted fourth spot on the S-tier rankings.

    While the Johnstone serves as the heart of the construction, infusing the Corpse Explosion skill with a staggering 200% damage boost, it bestows upon the Necromancer the ability to unleash devastating area damage, transforming them into an authentic harbinger of doom. Were it not for the formidable reliance on cooldowns and the arduous task of assembling the necessary gear, the Necromancer would assuredly ascend to greater heights of renown.

    Diablo 3 best solo class
    LoD Corpse Explosion Build

    Basic Equipment:.

  • The Johnstone.
  • Essence Embrace.
  • The Ebony Plague of Nayr.
  • The Decayed Fang of Trag’Oul.
  • Krysbin’s Sentence.
  • Elements’ Extravaganza.
  • Leoric’s Crown.
  • Skills Needed.

  • Corpse Explosion.
  • Grim Scythe.
  • Realm of the Deceased.
  • Blood Rush.
  • Bone Armor.
  • 3. Crusader

    diablo 3 best solo class

    Standing firm as one of the most formidable contenders in the realm, the Crusader claims an esteemed spot as the third mightiest solitary force among Diablo 3’s class roster. This indomitable archetype exudes unparalleled resilience and tenacity. Mighty Crusaders possess an impervious nature, making them a daunting challenge to vanquish. Their versatility shines as they effortlessly unleash devastation from both close quarters and afar, deftly wielding two-handed swords and shields with unwavering prowess.

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    With their impenetrable plates and formidable armor, these tank-like entities prove to be a formidable force, catering to both novices and seasoned warriors alike. At present, the Crusader boasts two exceptional S-tier configurations.

    Aegis of Valor Heaven’s Fury, the ultimate Crusader build in the game, reigns supreme. Embracing the level 70 Aegis of Valor set gear, this setup unleashes an unparalleled surge of strength. Empowering the Crusader to transcend boundaries, it effortlessly ascends to the ranks of the most exceptional solitary classes. Bolstered by revered artifacts like the Shield of Fury and Fate of Fell, the Crusader defies its sluggish nature, delivering devastating blows with unwavering might.

    The celestial might of the Aegis of Valor’s Heaven’s Fury build is undeniably an awe-inspiring tank that reigns supreme in the realm of S-tier. With its unrivaled prowess in dealing devastating blows to a singular target, it offers a beginner-friendly experience like no other. Nevertheless, the domain of top-tier Crusader builds proves to be a more arduous quest, requiring meticulous search and outfitting, ultimately trailing in the realm of skill selection.

    Diablo 3 best solo class
    AoV Heaven’s Fury

    Recommended Equipment.

  • The Shield of Valor.
  • The Trimmings of Captain Crimson.
  • Wrathful Guardian.
  • The Destiny of the Fallen.
  • Grand Regal Band.
  • Fury’s Embrace.
  • Recommended Skills.

  • Heaven’s Fury.
  • Heavenly Punch.
  • Judgement.
  • Akarats Champion.
  • Valor’s Code.
  • 2. Wizard

    Diablo 3 best solo class

    In the realm of solo play in Diablo 3, the Wizard class stands as a formidable force, known for its mastery of long-range spell casting and the art of crowd control. With an arsenal of devastating magical abilities, the Wizard wields immense power. However, this power comes at a price, as their fragile defenses render them akin to a delicate glass cannon.

    Within the realm of wizards, there exists a myriad of unique items exclusive to their craft. These include wands, sources, and the iconic wizard hats. The cunning and strategic employment of these class-specific artifacts can yield abundant rewards for players of all kinds. At present, the realm boasts the existence of two extraordinary Wizard builds classified under the prestigious S-tier category.

    Unveiling itself as one of the two superior builds designed exclusively for the wizard class, the Firebird Mirror Image emerges with an unrivaled prowess. Standing tall as the runner-up to the mighty LOD wave of light Monk, this build harnesses the extraordinary power of the level 70 Firebird’s finery set equipment. Thanks to the ethereal touch, this formidable build effortlessly secured its place as the second strongest contender.

    Wielding the mystical and mighty Mang Song’s lesson, a sorcerer can effortlessly obliterate all obstacles that dare cross its path with its formidable damage per second. This configuration boasts a distinctive gameplay style, accompanied by an unparalleled capacity for inflicting massive DPS. Additionally, acquiring the essential beginner’s equipment to fashion this setup is a breeze, making it all the more enticing for novice players.

    diablo 3 best solo class
    Firebird Mirror Image Build

    Equipment Needed:.

  • The Set of Flame Avian Elegance.
  • Deathwish.
  • Sphere of Eternal Demise.
  • Grand Regal Band.
  • Must-have Skills:.

  • Disintegrate.
  • Spectral Blade.
  • Mirror Image.
  • Explosive Blast.
  • Teleport.
  • 1. Monk:

    Diablo 3 best solo class

    Undeniably, Diablo 3’s most formidable solo contender emerges in the form of the Monk. Renowned for their unparalleled swiftness and dexterity, these martial artists possess the rare gift of dual-wielding. Mastering the art of combat, Monks seamlessly blend physical, holy, and fiery forces into their lethal strikes. Ever since the latest update, this exceptional class has experienced an astonishing surge in power, propelling it to the esteemed S-tier realm. Within this coveted tier lie three distinct Monk builds, each claiming a spot among the illustrious top 10.

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    The epitome of solo power in Diablo 3 lies within the enchanting Legacy of Dreams (LoD) Wave of Light Monk. Embracing boundless mobility through the art of Dashing Strike, this extraordinary build engulfs the battlefield with its awe-inspiring area of effect abilities and unleashes devastating damage amplifications granted by its remarkable gear. Witness the mesmerizing fusion of damage multipliers and the unstoppable prowess of the clones summoned by the Rabid Strike skill, resulting in an unrivaled force of devastation.

    With a whopping 350% surge in damage, the Rabid Strike skill has undergone a remarkable upgrade. This awe-inspiring build not only boasts exceptional speed and pushing prowess, but also offers extensive area damage coverage, making it an absolute breeze to play. Without a doubt, this unparalleled solo class build reigns supreme as the epitome of excellence.

    Diablo 3 best solo class
    LoD Wave of Light Build

    Recommended Equipment:.

  • Grand Temple’s Enchanting Incense Torch.
  • Kyoshiro’s Blade.
  • Rabid Strike.
  • The Gaze of Tzo Krin.
  • Pinto’s Pride.
  • Rawest Kicks.
  • Cindercoat.
  • Must-have Skills:.

  • Cascade of Luminosity.
  • Mystic Ally.
  • Epiphany.
  • Cyclone Strike.
  • Blinding Flash.
  • Salvation’s Chant.
  • Secondary Monk Builds

    Input: In addition to the LOD Wave of Light Monk setup, there exist two other intriguing Monk builds that truly showcase the versatility of this class. One such build is the revamped Mystic Ally Inna build, which has recently undergone significant improvements. It revolves around the powerful Innas Mantra set ensemble, offering players two distinct paths or playstyles to select from.

    The construction caters to individuals who may discover the LOD Wave of Light build overly challenging to master or simply prefer an alternative. The Inna build with Mystic Ally exhibits remarkable durability, capable of enduring numerous blows. Moreover, it provides an inexhaustible supply of Tide of Water allies, allowing you to assemble your own formidable army during battles, thereby making it an exceptional choice to kickstart the season.

    The third-tier Monk build, although ranked lowest among the S-tier builds, possesses an unyielding strength. It showcases a remarkable versatility, pulling monsters towards it and unleashing an icy barrage that ultimately obliterates them. This build effortlessly handles both hordes of enemies and formidable bosses, creating a harmonious equilibrium. By leveraging the inherent attributes of the Monk class and harnessing the power of Ethereals, it firmly establishes itself as a pinnacle Monk build, exuding an aura of unrivaled supremacy.

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