Diablo Immortal Stuck On Starting Game [SOLVED]

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Dealing with the persistent issue of Diablo Immortal becoming unresponsive upon launching at the login screen can be immensely infuriating. Upon entering the game, one is immediately presented with the in-game loading screen, diligently verifying each crucial file within the game directory to ensure seamless performance upon reaching the main menu. However, a troublesome glitch arises during the final stages of the loading process, causing Diablo Immortal to become stuck indefinitely on the initial game screen.

Key Highlights.

  • Every now and then, multiplayer-focused games like Diablo Immortal may encounter a few hiccups along the way.
  • Despite possessing excellent WiFi connectivity and impressive specifications, players of Diablo Immortal occasionally encounter frustrating obstacles preventing them from initiating the game.
  • Upon logging into the game, a diligent search for essential files ensues within your game directory, occasionally leading to a temporary halt in the process.
  • In order to tackle this problem, PC users may explore the option of enhancing their video card drivers or engaging in a “scan and repair” process through Battle.Net.
  • Should you find yourself engrossed in the realm of mobile devices, you may wish to explore the vast realm of updates within the Play store or embark upon the whimsical journey of rebooting your cherished phone.
  • To achieve compatibility across various devices, a clever approach involves altering your In-game server or lobby without relying on any VPN connection.
  • The game’s lackluster attempt at addressing its myriad problems is evident in its failure to establish a reliable connection with the servers, leaving players frustrated with the absurdity of being prompted to “Please Check Your Internet Connection.” Nevertheless, fear not, for we have taken it upon ourselves to explore various alternative approaches and techniques that will enable you to triumph over the vexing conundrum of Diablo Immortal’s persistent “Stuck On Starting Game” issue. Let us now delve into the intricacies of this error.

    Fortunately, there exists a plethora of solutions to address the issue, catering to players on smartphones as well as PCs who are using the Battle.Net version exclusively. Let’s explore and delve into various techniques that are effective for both platforms, enabling you to resume your tranquil farming endeavors within the game.

    The dedicated team of game developers at Blizzard relentlessly endeavors to eliminate numerous bugs and glitches, but unfortunately falls short in their efforts. To exacerbate the situation, they typically refrain from providing any helpful guidance or communication to address these issues.

    The unwavering and committed Diablo Immortal community on Reddit and Discord deserves immense gratitude as they offered invaluable insights on resolving this issue from their side. By diligently implementing these techniques and alternative approaches, rectifying the error should be effortless.

    We suggest thoroughly exploring each of these solutions and observing which one proves effective for you. Without any unnecessary delay, behold the game-fixing guide that guarantees a seamless start without any hindrance or frustration.

    Updating Graphics Card Drivers

    GPU drivers Diablo Immortal
    Nvidia and AMD main interfaces

    Input: Initially, this particular solution is dedicated to those PC players of the game who are encountering difficulties when trying to launch the game through the Battle.Net launcher on their computer. It is widely understood that keeping your PC components and their corresponding drivers updated is of utmost importance in ensuring the seamless execution of your daily activities.

    Above all, these drivers serve as the very foundation of your PC. Therefore, before delving into any other considerations, it is imperative to conduct a thorough inspection to determine whether any updates are required. Whether it pertains to audio drivers or network drivers, each one plays a vital role in ensuring optimal functionality and seamless operation of your PC.

    PC gamers are advised to stay vigilant and regularly seek out GPU updates to keep their gaming experience at its peak. Leading Graphics Card giants, Nvidia and AMD, are known to frequently roll out firmware updates without prior user notification. Fortunately, both AMD and Nvidia offer intuitive main menu interfaces that allow users to effortlessly scan for and install the latest Graphics Card driver patches, as depicted in the accompanying image.

    By exploring these menus, you can effortlessly uncover the current status of their versions and even contemplate the possibility of embracing beta driver updates. Nevertheless, it is advisable to exercise caution in this regard as they are probably still undergoing testing and could potentially lead to complications, much like the predicament of Diablo Immortal being ensnared in the initial stages of the game.

    Swiftly upgrade the drivers for your video card and initiate a system reboot to implement the modifications. After accomplishing this, reenter the game to ascertain whether the issue has been resolved, thereby enabling us to progress towards exploring alternative remedies.

    Scan & Repair Missing Or Corrupted Files

    Contrary to what most people think, there exist numerous avenues through which the fundamental installation files of a PC game can go awry, leading to significant consequences like corrupted files and even the loss of vital data. This holds immense importance as these files and data are essential for the smooth functioning of the game. Therefore, in their absence, one is bound to encounter persistent game-breaking errors, such as the game being stuck on the starting screen of Diablo Immortal.

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  • Before anything else, ensure that the Diablo Immortal Application is not currently active on your desktop. It is crucial to have the game disabled throughout the entire process.
  • Launching Battle.net
    Launching Battle.net
  • Begin your epic journey into the realms of gaming with the awe-inspiring Battle.Net launcher crafted by the ingenious minds at Blizzard Entertainment. This magnificent tool, a treasure deserving of a place on your taskbar, eagerly awaits your command. Alternatively, venture into the depths of your Windows Search Bar to summon its power and embark on your gaming quest.
  • Make your way to the Library section in the launcher, conveniently accessible through the platform’s home menu. Once there, navigate through the list of titles and find the game you’re looking for.
  • Diablo Immortal files repairing
    Scan and repair
  • To access the game modification options, simply click on the Gear Icon adjacent to it, as depicted in the captivating image above. This action will unveil a delightful sub-menu brimming with a plethora of choices, empowering you to personalize and tweak the game to your heart’s content.
  • Begin the file verification process for the game by selecting the Scan And Repair option.
  • stuck on starting game Diablo Immortal
    Begin Scan
  • To initiate the procedure, a delightful confirmation message will grace your screen, setting the wheels in motion. The duration of this enthralling journey, spanning approximately 10-15 minutes, may vary slightly based on the grandeur of the game.
  • Should the launcher detect any absence of files within the directory, it shall promptly alert you about their installation, ensuring that the timing aligns with the significance or size of the file in relation to the game.
  • After the task is accomplished, return to the game and ascertain whether the game remains trapped in the initial segment of Diablo Immortal. If this unfortunate situation persists, the last glimmer of optimism for PC gamers lies in reaching out to Blizzard Customer Support or sending an email via their comprehensive Contact Us page, which will facilitate all necessary actions.
  • Evaluate The Diablo Immortal Server Status

    Our upcoming methods, suitable for both PC and smartphone users of Diablo Immortal, will aid in resolving the issue of the game getting stuck on the starting screen. This particular method entails the verification of the game’s server status, which is graciously provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

    The core essence and daily accessibility of Multiplayer games heavily rely on the backend servers, acting as their pivotal foundation. In the event of malfunction, the game becomes unplayable, rendering it futile. This recurring issue occasionally leads to crashes in popular games such as Apex Legends, but there is no need to be overly concerned or distressed about it.

    Input: However, the majority of the game’s regional servers function as semi-lobbies, offering you the intriguing possibility of choosing between various regions for logging into the game. Nevertheless, in the unlikely event of online maintenance, you may find yourself having to endure a protracted waiting period.

    Occasionally, during specific intervals, multiplayer exclusive games such as Diablo Immortal will be temporarily disconnected, causing unavailability for game access or play. This deliberate action is commonly executed by developers to implement beneficial hotfixes aimed at enhancing the overall ecosystem and stability of the game.

    Above all, it’s crucial to bear in mind that the game developers frequently provide updates, aiming to rectify any critical issues or glitches and ensure a well-balanced gaming experience.

    It is highly recommended for users to actively engage with the official Diablo Immortal Twitter Account, as it offers consistent updates regarding ongoing and upcoming maintenance procedures. By doing so, you can efficiently organize your leisure time for the game. Additionally, you have the option to switch servers or lobbies to different regions if any difficulties arise, as demonstrated in the accompanying image.

    Update The Game

    Diablo Immortal update
    Diablo Immortal patch notes

    Software developers frequently roll out fresh firmware iterations for their applications, encompassing universal improvements and occasionally introducing novel functionalities. These crucial updates ensure seamless gameplay experiences, sometimes even arriving incognito, thereby leading to perplexity when encountering a loading screen freeze during the Diablo Immortal sequence.

    PC players using the Battle.Net version can effortlessly receive automatic updates for their games. Conversely, android or IOS users occasionally need to venture into their designated app stores to activate any pending updates on their installed applications.

    Provided that you seamlessly update the game files without any disruptions impeding the download or installation progress, chances are high that you will be able to play it without encountering any glitches like Diablo Immortal freezing or getting stuck during the initial game loading phase.

    Reboot Your Mobile Or PC

    Ah, behold! Behold! This ancient sorcery, known to few but whispered in the ancient tomes, has the power to awaken the dormant spirits of your smartphone or PC. Venture forth, brave soul, and embark on a quest to reboot your device, for within its depths lies the key to unlock the miraculous workings of the game. Lost and bewildered, countless gamers find themselves ensnared in a labyrinth of troubleshooting, desperately seeking the path to salvation. Little do they know that salvation has been within reach all along, concealed in the humble act of restarting their trusted companion.

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    In the meantime, those using PCs can swiftly restart their system by simply clicking on the Windows icon positioned at the lower left corner of their screen. This action will present them with the choice to reboot their desktop. Moreover, if your system is equipped with an SSD storage device, the PC’s reboot process should be completed within a few minutes at most.

    Lastly, an intriguing option to ponder upon is the concept of “Power Cycling” your system. This lesser-known technique possesses the ability to rejuvenate the collective memory and system condition of your PC or gaming consoles. Accomplishing this feat merely involves a series of concise steps:

  • Indulge in the complete cessation of your personal computer or gaming console.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the primary switch output.
  • Take a moment, perhaps a few minutes, to ensure that everything is reconnected securely before proceeding.
  • Give it another go at launching the game and delve into whether the workaround proved fruitful in resolving the issue.
  • Disable The Background Applications

    Believe it or not, there are extraordinary occurrences where the applications or software you employ in your daily endeavors can potentially clash with games, impeding their compatibility. Essentially, this is due to the fact that applications like Discord or even the tabs within web browsers, operating covertly, can provoke disturbances as a result of their CPU and RAM consumption that exceeds normal limits.

    These components have the potential to induce a sudden surge or spike in usage, posing risks to both hardware integrity and triggering unexpected errors in video games. It is highly advisable for players to promptly terminate them, and accomplishing this can be effortlessly achieved through the following method:

    Discord overlay Diablo Immortal
    Discord Overlay
  • Launch your Discord Application by either entering it in the search bar of your Windows or accessing it from the taskbar.
  • Upon unlocking, towards the lower end of the menu, one shall easily discover the Settings choice, adjacent to their personal profile.
  • Give it a click, and behold a splendid array of choices awaiting your selection; opt for the very last option nestled within ‘Activity Settings’ labeled as ‘Game Overlay’.
  • On the menu located on the right side, you will find an option to activate or deactivate the overlay; a single click will suffice to completely disable it.
  • Auto startup Discord
    Discord Auto Startup
  • Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you disable the Auto-startup functionality in Discord.
  • Achieving this task is a breeze! Just venture into the Window Settings nestled within the application settings. With a flick of the wrist, disable the ‘Start Minimized’ feature to prevent its automatic launch upon Windows OS boot-up.
  • Diablo Immortal stuck on starting game
    The Task manager
  • Finally, ensure that you deactivate any lurking Web Browser tabs, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or even the extraordinary Opera GX.
  • By simply right-clicking on the taskbar situated at the bottom of your primary desktop screen, you have the power to effortlessly accomplish this task using the Task Manager.
  • Simply click on the Browser you currently have running and opt for the End task command, thereby liberating precious memory on your RAM. The amount of tabs you have open will determine the extent of this liberation, as depicted in the accompanying image.
  • Avoid Using A VPN Connection

    A Virtual Protocol Network, commonly known as VPN, serves as a gateway that provides users with a seamless and secure connection to both private and public networks. It effortlessly navigates through any obstacles or complications that may arise while connecting to the backend servers of Multiplayer-only games.

    This software offers a tempting opportunity to explore desolate and uninhabited servers in Diablo Immortal, allowing players to tirelessly cultivate their own resources without any interruptions. However, we strongly discourage engaging in such activities as utilizing a VPN in a server-dependent game is considered a grave offense, capable of triggering the game’s security system and resulting in a permanent ban of your account.

    The severity of an account ban will vary based on the duration and methods of VPN usage within the game. Underestimating the security protocols at Blizzard Entertainment is a grave mistake. The game operates on region-wide servers, each equipped with unique and intricate security measures. Any attempts to breach or cheat these protocols will result in swift and immediate player bans, without prior warning.

    Utilizing VPNs to navigate the online realm and gain access to region-restricted games or otherwise unreachable websites via your browser is perfectly acceptable. However, we highly recommend scrutinizing the array of background applications running on both your smartphones and PCs prior to embarking on your gaming adventure.

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    Unbeknownst to you, a sneaky VPN lurking in the shadows could lead to Diablo Immortal being trapped in its game intro. Therefore, it is strongly advised to refrain from employing services like NordVPN or BetterNet on your mobile device while indulging in the game, as it may result in unnecessary setbacks.

    Switch To A Different Lobby

    Diablo Immortal Servers
    Diablo Immortal Regional servers or lobbies

    Surprisingly, venturing into a new game lobby can unexpectedly grant you access to the game instance. Remember, these lobbies function as regional servers with distinct Time Zones and Latency settings. It’s worth considering this when attempting to log in and join the game.

    Latency, simply put, characterizes the fleeting moment it takes for a petite bundle of data to traverse between your device and the vast expanse of the internet or the inner workings of remote servers. Its quantification primarily rests on the millisecond scale (ms), whereby the grander the value, the exasperatingly heightened instances of lag and unwelcome delays one must contend with during the immersive realm of multiplayer gaming.

    The ideal default regional server should align with your current location in a country or continent, ensuring minimal latency. However, if you encounter difficulties launching the game and find yourself trapped on the loading screen, we suggest experimenting with different servers from the main menu.

    Choose a lobby or server that differs from your current one with a slight variation in overall latency. Fortunately, Blizzard provides numerous lobbies or servers for players to select, allowing you to easily determine if a lobby within the game is causing problems. Simply pick a different option from the main menu and rejoin the game to see if it helps you bypass the loading screen.

    Clear The Immortal App Cache

    Clearing the App cache on your smartphone, as highlighted by a savvy Reddit user, has been deemed as one of the foolproof methods. However, this task is easier said than done. The memory cache consists of ethereal data, aimlessly wandering within your app directory, hence eliminating it can prove to be immensely advantageous, regardless of the app you have. By doing so, you can enhance the speed and overall performance of applications and games on your smartphone.

    The methods of clearing app cache data on both IOS and Android are quite analogous, and can be accomplished through the subsequent steps:

    Diablo Immortal app
    The Diablo Immortal App
  • Explore the hidden realm of your smartphone’s settings menu, or embark on a thrilling quest by venturing through the enchanted forest of your home screen search bar.
  • Venture into the realm of ‘Applications’ within the settings or explore a comparable avenue found in the majority of devices.
  • Explore the array of apps installed on your smartphone that are at your disposal for management and customization.
  • Choose the illustrious Diablo Immortal application from the array and tap into its mystical realm of Storage and Cache configurations.
  • Simply choose the Clear Cache option displayed in the image above to eliminate any superfluous data from the game. This should ideally resolve the issue and enable the game to run smoothly. In case it doesn’t, we still have one final solution to attempt.
  • Reinstall The Game

    Diablo Immortal app store
    Diablo Immortal Playstore

    It is important to note that this approach should only be considered as a final option. In the event that none of the aforementioned methods have yielded any results thus far, the most secure solution would involve uninstalling and reinstalling the Diablo Immortal game from either the Apple App Store or Playstore.

    Removing the game will give it the chance to eradicate any traces of corrupt or absent files, including those that may be triggering errors within the game. It serves as the ultimate lifeline for players in dire situations, yet there is no cause for concern when undertaking this action.

    Wrap Up

    Unveiling their highly anticipated surprise at the renowned Blizzcon event in 2018, Blizzard Entertainment introduced the awe-inspiring ‘Diablo on the go’ encounter that left the world astounded. Enter Diablo Immortal, an unparalleled free-to-play Dungeon-crawler adventure that can be savored right on your smartphone. Yet, this game has ignited an uproar of controversies, intensified by its abundant array of Bugs and Glitches.

    Nevertheless, it cannot be ignored that the prevalence of such launch complications in contemporary video games has become a customary occurrence that players must confront, in one form or another. Fortunately, in the instance of this game, we have implemented every precautionary measure available to alleviate this issue. Feel free to inform us of the efficacy of these solutions in resolving the game’s persistent starting screen dilemma, and as always, eXputer extends its well wishes to you!

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