Diablo 4 Full World Map Size & All Zone Maps

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Delve into the vast expanse of Diablo 4’s Sanctuary, where we explore the intricate tapestry of the entire world map, unveiling detailed cartography for each unique zone and marveling at its colossal dimensions.

Input: Curious to uncover the true expanse of the colossal Diablo 4 world map and behold the intricate details of every zone? Look no further than this comprehensive and ever-evolving guide at your disposal.

Behold! This splendid article unveils the grandeur of Diablo 4’s expansive world map, meticulously delineating the five principal domains. Each zone is meticulously charted, accompanied by vivid illustrations, offering an immersive glimpse into their unique landscapes and their intricate placement within the vast realm.

Update on 14 June 2023: We've updated this article with the latest info on the full world map for Diablo 4, and maps for the major regions.

Diablo 4’s Massive World Map

The beta region of Diablo 4 is only a fraction of the entire world map. (Picture: Windows Central / Jez Corden / Blizzard)

According to Jez Corden from Window Central, the captivating picture displayed above unveils the awe-inspiring Fractured Peaks section within the expansive realm of Sanctuary. Surpassing the size of any other region or zone in previous Diablo games by a staggering margin of eight to ten times, Fractured Peaks dominates approximately one-fifth of the meticulously crafted world map in Diablo 4, if not more.

Brace yourselves, for Diablo 4’s expansive universe is set to be a colossal behemoth. Feast your eyes upon this official Blizzard artwork, where sprawling domains and majestic territories surpass even the grandeur of Fractured Peaks.

Fractured Peaks highlighted as per an official map by Blizzard, showcasing that some Diablo 4 zones are even bigger! (Picture: Blizzard)

Assuming this holds true in terms of scale, the expansive world map of Diablo 4 appears absolutely colossal, promising an abundant array of captivating content to indulge players.

Be mindful that this intricate map solely encompasses the Eastern realm of Sanctuary, constituting merely a fraction of the vast expanse that is the world. Consequently, as the seasons of Diablo 4 unfold, it is not inconceivable to witness the expansion of existing territories or the emergence of uncharted realms.

In spite of its colossal size, there exists ample space for further expansion. This leads us to the myriad of regions and zones that await in Diablo 4, each accompanied by its own unique cartographic representation.

All Diablo 4 Zone Maps

Input: Diablo 4 offers players the enticing opportunity to freely venture through its vast and diverse realm, comprised of five distinct regions. However, to embark on these thrilling escapades, players must first attain certain level milestones. Delve into the intricate maps and immerse yourself in the official descriptions of each glorious region within the expansive world of Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Map:

The complete Fractured Peaks map featuring Dungeons, Cellars and more. (Picture: MapGenie)

Experience the ultimate adventure with our comprehensive Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks compendium, showcasing a treasure trove of POI destinations, formidable dungeons, impregnable Strongholds, and countless other wonders to explore.

The frozen terrain of this secluded landscape has deterred many from venturing into its rocky and mountainous surroundings. Deep within the peaks, devout monks seek solace and enlightenment, unaware of the terrifying secrets concealed beneath the rugged crags.

Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Map:

Where Dry Steppes is located on the Diablo 4 World Map. (Picture: Blizzard)
Update: Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Guide: Map, Dungeons, Strongholds & More

“In the realm of the Dry Steppes lies a formidable and untamed expanse. Within this relentless wilderness, the value of life diminishes compared to that of water. Tenacious savages, cutthroat mercenaries, and sinister blood sorcerers with a taste for flesh struggle for existence amidst the unforgiving salt flats, a place that only the truly resilient or utterly desperate dare to claim as their own.”

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Diablo 4 Hawezar Map:

Where the Hawezar zone is located on Diablo 4’s World Map. (Picture: Blizzard)
Update: Diablo 4 Hawezar Guide: Map, Dungeons, Strongholds & More

The official description of Hawezar paints a picture of a treacherous realm where the wildlife craves human flesh, the ground exudes poison, and dark magic runs rampant. Within this madness, reality becomes blurred, leaving one questioning what is genuine and what is merely a hallucination. Those who venture to Hawezar seek a place of anonymity and obscurity, a sanctuary for cutthroats, thieves, assassins, and murderers who wish to conduct their sinister activities without interference from law enforcement or organizations like the Zakarum, who pose a threat to their operations.

Diablo 4 Kehjistan Map:

A look at the location of the Kehjistan zone on Diablo 4’s World Map. (Picture: Blizzard)
Update: Diablo 4 Kehjistan Guide: Map, Dungeons, Strongholds & More

According to the Official Description, the Triune played a crucial role in aiding Lilith’s comeback to Sanctuary. Interestingly, they not only assist Lilith but also revere the Prime Evils, actively working towards their return. The inhabitants of Kehjistan have abandoned all hope of being rescued, as demons lurk menacingly in the surrounding sands. Adding to the distress, Lilith’s followers disguise themselves as familiar faces, including friends and beloved family members. The constant presence of this dreadful paranoia weighs heavily on the people, akin to the scorching sun beating down upon them.

Diablo 4 Scosglen Map:

Scosglen’s location on Diablo 4’s World Map. (Picture: Blizzard)
Update: Diablo 4 Scosglen Guide: Map, Dungeons, Strongholds & More

The lush and treacherous terrains of Scosglen hold an untamed beauty. Those who wander into the depths of the forest rarely find their way back, their cries silenced by the bone-chilling echoes of eerie howls. The druids who inhabit this land are willing to go to great lengths to safeguard their unique existence, even if it means embracing their primal instincts and forsaking their own humanity.

Input: Curious to delve deeper into the realm of Sanctuary? Take a peek at our captivating video down below, showcasing our firsthand encounters with the enthralling world of Diablo 4.

Behold, behold! Witness the grandeur of the colossal world map of Diablo 4, adorned with its intricate sections and meticulously crafted maps representing the five majestic realms of the game. Rest assured, dear reader, that as new revelations unfurl, we shall diligently augment this article with the latest tidings.

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