Fix Game Controller not working in Steam on Windows PC

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In the realm of PC and console gaming, it is not an unusual occurrence for players to stumble upon troublesome situations such as the USB Gamepad failing to be acknowledged or functional, the Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller refusing to cooperate, or the persistent disconnections of the Xbox Controller Bluetooth. Within this article, we shall delve into the predicament of the Game Controller’s non-functionality when utilizing Steam on a Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer.

Game Controller not working in Steam

When indulging in PC gaming, the realm of controller choices unfolds before you. Embrace the familiarity of the Xbox controller, the versatile DualShock 1-4, the esteemed Steam controller, or perhaps a controller tailored to your unique preferences. Rest assured, this plethora of options seamlessly harmonizes with the vast array of games at your disposal on the illustrious Steam platform.

In the event that your Windows 11/10 gaming setup encounters a malfunctioning Game Controller while using Steam, feel free to explore our assortment of recommended solutions below. These suggestions, presented in no specific sequence, aim to address the issue at hand and potentially resolve it on your system.

  • Link Up Your Gamepad to Your Personal Computer.
  • Customize your Steam Big Picture preferences.
  • Embrace the power of connectivity with either a wired or wireless controller.
  • Refresh or fine-tune your Game Controller.
  • Revamp the firmware of the Game Controller.
  • Join me on this journey as we delve into the intricate details surrounding the methodology behind each of the solutions that have been enumerated.

    Before attempting the following solutions, first ensure that you have checked for updates and installed any available components for your Windows 11/10 device to determine if the problem has been resolved. Conversely, if the issue arose subsequent to a recent Windows update, you have the option to either uninstall the update or execute a System Restore. Additionally, it is imperative to verify that your Steam client is up to date (simply launch the Steam client and navigate to Steam > Check for Steam Client Updates) and that all drivers on your system have been updated.

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    1] Link Up Your Gamepad to Your Personal Computer.

    To resolve the Steam dilemma of your Game Controller malfunctioning on your Windows 11/10 gaming setup, commence the troubleshooting process by verifying the secure connection of the game controller to your PC. Simply adhere to the guidelines provided in the comprehensive manual on how to successfully link the Microsoft Xbox One controller to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    2] Customize your Steam Big Picture preferences.

    If you happen to be using a game controller that is not the official Steam controller, Steam might encounter difficulties in recognizing it unless you adjust the necessary settings. To resolve this, you can opt to configure the Steam Big Picture settings and connect the controller to the game you’re playing, instead of attempting a direct connection.

    Follow these steps to customize the Steam Big Picture configurations and resolve the issue of the Steam app failing to detect your Xbox, PlayStation, or any alternative controller that is not affiliated with Steam:

  • Initiate the Steam application.
  • Hovering over the Taskbar’s Overflow Corner, give the Steam icon a gentle right-click and opt for the grand spectacle of Big Picture.
  • Then, opt for the LIBRARY option.
  • Choose the Installed option from the panel on the left.
  • Now, choose the desired game.
  • Choose Manage Game Options from the menu on the left.
  • Choose Controller Options within the Steam Input section.
  • Disable Steam Input on a per-game basis by selecting “Forced Off” in the pop-up window.
  • Once the task is completed, your controller will be acknowledged and functioning seamlessly on your personal computer.

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    3] Embrace the power of connectivity with either a wired or wireless controller.

    Despite their convenience, Bluetooth connections between the controller and your PC often give rise to these issues. In such instances, opting for a wired connection proves to be a more reliable alternative, offering fewer problems and consistently excellent performance.

    Conversely, should you encounter the predicament of a faulty or damaged wire affecting your wired connection, consider resolving the issue by either substituting the controller or exploring the alternative of a wireless connection.

    4] Refresh or fine-tune your Game Controller.

    Refresh or fine-tune your Game Controller.

    Should you encounter any issues with your game controller’s functionality, consider calibrating the controller on your gaming computer running Windows 11/10. To recalibrate or reset the Game Controller on your PC, simply follow the comprehensive instructions provided in the guide on Xbox One Controller calibration.

    5] Revamp the firmware of the Game Controller.

    Revamp the firmware of the Game Controller.

    When faced with the matter at hand, there are instances where it becomes essential to enhance the firmware of your game controller in order to rectify glitches or enhance the connectivity capabilities of the current hardware. Essentially, a firmware update has the potential to optimize the functionality of your gaming device in tandem with the controller. To implement this resolution, you will need to update the firmware on your Xbox gamepad, which is connected to your Windows 11/10 PC.

    How do I get my controller to work with Steam games?

    In order to synchronize your controller with Steam games, it is essential to customize Steam’s Controller Settings. To accomplish this, kindly adhere to the following guidelines:

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  • Open Steam.
  • Navigate to the Steam tab and explore the realm of settings.
  • Explore the realms of control by simply tapping on the enchanting Controller tab.
  • Tap the button labeled “General Controller Configuration.”
  • Within the Controller Settings window, simply mark the checkboxes to ignite the configuration support for the specific controllers you plan on employing.
  • Why is my controller not working on Steam games?

    Broken or outdated computer drivers often contribute to the common issue of game controllers not functioning properly on Steam games for Windows 11/10 PCs. To ensure flawless compatibility with Steam, it is imperative to have the most up-to-date drivers installed on your PC.

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