Fixed: Friend Can’t Connect to My Minecraft Server

It’s utterly exasperating when you are all set to embark on a Minecraft adventure with your buddies, only to find out that none of them can establish a connection.

Input: Perhaps you and your pals have exhausted all the tricks up your sleeves in an attempt to salvage the predicament, but alas, all efforts have been in vain. If surrendering and reaching a final verdict is not on your agenda, allow us to present our gaming community’s proven and audacious strategies for tackling the enigma of failed connections to your beloved Minecraft server.

How Many Multiplayer Modes are there in Minecraft?

With a variety of four multiplayer modes at your disposal, Minecraft servers offer an exhilarating experience for two or more players to engage in thrilling multiplayer gameplay.

Moreover, you have the option to download the server file and craft your very own personalized server. Minecraft.Net can be utilized as a platform for this endeavor. Alternatively, you may engage in a multiplayer experience with your companions by joining the server they have set up exclusively for themselves.

How to Allow My Friends to Connect to My Minecraft Server: 6 Fixes

Fix #1: Check all the Basics

checking friends list

Check if Your Friend Accepted the Invite.

Your friend’s connection to your game server is impossible unless they embrace the invitation. Make sure you have dispatched an invite and that they have responded by clicking to accept it.

Try Without Sending an Invite

Once you’ve completed the first step, grant your friend access to the server without requiring an invitation from your end.

Check Your Friends List

Lastly, make sure that your comrade is indeed included in your roster of comrades. If they do not grace the exalted realms of your companionship on the game server, it could pose a challenge for them to forge a connection with the sacred server.

Fix #2: Update Minecraft

Typically, the Windows store or Microsoft store should automatically update your Minecraft. However, if this fails, you will have to perform a manual update.

check minecraft updates

  • Verify the liveliness of your internet connection.
  • Venture into the realm of the Microsoft Official emporium.
  • To access the latest updates and download, simply tap on the three dots located at the upper right-hand corner.
  • Choose the option to acquire and receive the latest enhancements.
  • Once you’ve acquired this latest update, spread the word among your companions and encourage them to follow suit.

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    Fix #3: Identify Your Public IP Address and Send it to Your Friend

    Many game players often make the mistake of sharing their private IP addresses with friends rather than the public ones. However, it’s important to note that using the private IP address may prevent your friends from connecting to your server, particularly if they are not on the whitelist for your Minecraft server.

    Hence, the optimal solution to tackle this predicament is to share your public IP address, enabling your comrades to effortlessly connect to the Minecraft server by utilizing the IP address bestowed by you.

    Input: To accomplish this, input “ipconfig/all” followed by pressing enter, which will reveal your public IP address. Duplicate it and forward it to your friend, who can effortlessly utilize this public IP address to connect to your server.

    Fix #4: Port Forwarding

    In the event that your companion is still encountering difficulties in connecting, it is highly recommended to adhere to the port forwarding protocol. Carry out the following instructions:

    port forwarding tester

  • Maximize the potential of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • In case your IP address isn’t static, unleash the command prompt and type in “ipconfig /all.”
  • Next, make a record of the IPv4 address, subnet mask, and DNS server details.
  • Navigate to the Control Panel and opt for the option to tweak adapter settings. Ensure to inspect Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  • Afterwards, opt for properties and enter the fresh address you noted down in the Subnet Mask DNS Servers fields.
  • After completing the address tracking, make your way to the router’s website and explore the Port Forward section. In case it eludes you, try searching under the Settings or Advanced Settings tabs.
  • Input: Enter “Minecraft” in the Name or Rule section.Insert the word “Minecraft” into the designated Name or Rule section.
  • By default, Minecraft operates on port 25565. In case you haven’t modified this value within your computer’s Firewall configurations, kindly input it into the designated text box labeled “Internal Port.”
  • Next, input the identical number 25565 into the designated text box labeled “Service Port” for outbound communication.
  • Fill in the “IP Address” box with your unique and unchanging IP address.
  • Select the TCP port and UDP ports from the “Type” or “Protocol” category.
  • Preserve or implement your modifications.
  • By choosing this method, you have effortlessly embraced the concept of port forwarding.
  • Fix #5: Allow Minecraft Through Windows Firewall

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    allow minecraft to windows defender firewall

  • Discover the elusive option of “Grant Passage to an App or Feature via the Windows Defender Firewall” nestled within the enchanting realm of the Windows Defender Firewall menu.
  • Give it a gentle tap.
  • Brace yourself for a thrilling journey to an alternate realm.
  • Navigate to the fresh page and give a gentle tap on the option labeled Change settings.
  • Seek out the elusive javaaw.Exe and handpick both the public and private options.
  • Click OK.
  • Congratulations on successfully deactivating your Windows Firewall! Simply perform a right-click on the Start menu button, located at the delightful bottom left corner of your Desktop screen.
  • Choose the Manager of Devices.
  • Choose from a myriad of networking adapters.
  • Input: By performing a right-click on this driver, a myriad of choices will be unveiled before you, such as Properties, Enable/Disable, and Update.
  • Fix #6: Update Your Network Driver

    Neglecting the task of updating your network driver to its latest version could potentially impede your friend’s ability to connect to your server. Furthermore, you might encounter the vexing “Could Not Connect: Outdated Server” error message while indulging in the world of Minecraft. To rectify this inconvenience and acquire a more advanced iteration of the network drivers, simply adhere to the following step-by-step instructions:

    update network drivers

  • Check the vitality of your router or local area network by observing the network status.
  • Discover the hidden delights by simply tapping the start menu button with your right mouse button. Unveiled at the bottom left corner of your computer screen, this gem awaits your exploration.
  • Give Device Manager a gentle tap.
  • Choose from a myriad of networking adapters.
  • Harness the power of your mouse by indulging in a swift right-click on the drivers.
  • A plethora of possibilities unfolds before you: refresh, empower, or deactivate.
  • How to Set Up Online Servers in Minecraft

    To enhance the performance of Minecraft on your computer, you should consider allocating additional RAM space [1].

    Prioritize closing all other applications to maximize space allocation. Once completed, proceed with the following steps to effectively establish online servers within your Minecraft server:

  • Get your hands on the newest release of Java! It’s just a click away at java.Com/en/download.
  • The server file, essential for your Minecraft adventures, awaits you on the official Minecraft website. Remember to give it the distinguished name of Server.Jar before embarking on your journey.
  • Input: Start up the server and behold as it unveils a window of command prompts.
  • Enter the desired command in the command prompt: java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.Jar nogui. Following this, Minecraft will generate an eula.Txt file and proceed to access and configure it, setting the value to eula=true.
  • Execute the java command with parameters -Xmx1024M and -Xms1024M along with the server.Jar file, without the graphical user interface (nogui).
  • Discover the art of establishing your own guidelines within the server realm. Mastery of server commands becomes imperative for this endeavor.
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    Be cautious while configuring your server’s RAM space, for an excessive allocation may lead to the notorious “Invalid Maximum Heap Size” Minecraft server error. Hence, it is crucial to allocate only the precise amount of RAM space to ensure smooth functioning of your server.

    download minecraft java

    Once you’ve completed the previous steps, it’s time to delve into the art of inviting your friend to join your multiplayer server. Achieving success in this endeavor requires a few key factors: firstly, both you and your friend must be on the identical version of Minecraft. Secondly, acquire the public server IP address that you are currently connected to. With these essential components at hand, let us now proceed to unveil the following steps:

  • Input: Go to whatismyip.Com. Ensure you are running the Minecraft server in the background.Visit whatismyip.Com while running the Minecraft server discreetly in the background.
  • Discover your unique public IP address by visiting this incredible website.
  • Begin your Minecraft adventure by launching the game and navigating to the “Direct Connect” option.
  • Simply copy and paste the unique IP address obtained from whatismyip.Com, and proceed by clicking on the “join server” option.
  • By undertaking this action, your companion will gain the opportunity to participate in the multiplayer mode.
  • FAQ

    What IP do I give my friends for the Minecraft server?

    Share your pals with the public IP address to access the Minecraft server; providing them with the private IP won’t establish a connection.

    Why can’t I join my friends’ world on Minecraft mobile?

    Joining your friends’ Minecraft mobile world is impossible if you happen to be connected to a distinct network on your Minecraft mobile device.


    Input: Playing Minecraft alongside friends and family is the ultimate thrill of adventure. In the event that your friend encounters difficulties connecting to your Minecraft server, there exist numerous solutions at your disposal. These range from modifying your port number in the port forwarding section to conveniently sharing your public IP address.

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