How to Update Modpacks Installed on Your Server

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Modpacks, being intricate pieces of software, often consist of a multitude of diverse mods, each harmoniously intertwining with the others. Consequently, periodic updates are implemented to the modpacks, guaranteeing that you always enjoy the latest and most cutting-edge gameplay experience on your server.

Regrettably, at present, there exists no method for us to automatically update the mod packs on your server. However, fear not, as this guide aims to elucidate the manual process for you, ensuring a swift return to enjoyable gaming sessions with your companions!

Before Starting

Before proceeding with any updates, it is crucial to initiate the first step of evaluating the necessity of an update for your mod pack. To accomplish this, a convenient approach would involve conducting a quick Google search of the modpack and verifying if the version you currently possess on your server aligns with the most recent release.

In order to ensure the utmost safety and simplicity while updating your server, we shall initiate the process by resetting or deleting all existing server files. It is highly recommended to secure a copy of your world onto your personal computer.

Caution: A lurking possibility looms where the world might succumb to corruption upon re-uploading it onto your server. In such an event, you may be compelled to embark on a fresh journey within a brand-new realm. It is highly advised to diligently create periodic backups of your world as a precautionary measure against untoward occurrences.

Resetting your Server

  • Utilize the cutting-edge capabilities of FileZilla to effortlessly acquire the latest backup of your server.
  • Access your control panel and Stop your server. 

  • Select “Custom JAR” from the server type dropdown box.

  • Journey through the realms of data by venturing into the sacred sanctuary of Files, adorned with the mystical aura of Setup.
  • Choose the option of Resetting/Erasing Server Files from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the Delete All Server Files box, then press Apply.

  • Start your server.

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    Reinstalling the Modpack

    Reinstating the modpack on your server is a breeze! Just delve into our expertly crafted instructions for modpack installation on your server, and proceed to seamlessly upload your cherished previous world.

    Congratulations! Your server is about to undergo a thrilling transformation as it embraces the latest version of your preferred modpack. In the unlikely event that this update disrupts your world, fear not! You possess the power to restore your backup by simply reverting your server’s modpack version. To aid you in this process, a comprehensive guide awaits your perusal.

    For any additional help needed, feel free to reach out to our support team via this link: https://shockbyte.Com/billing/submitticket.Php.

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