Fixed: Minecraft Server Stuck on Loading Terrain

If you’re constantly frustrated by the freezing terrain loading, there are various approaches that you should know about to get rid of it. You’re good to join the server here, but there are ways to prevent it from happening all the time for Minecraft users who are often plagued by this issue.

Our resident gaming experts will demonstrate all the techniques and procedures below.

Why Does Minecraft Freeze on “Loading Terrain?”

There are several reasons why your game Minecraft can freeze during the “Loading terrain” phase. It could be due to other settings and mods, as well as your internet connection.

minecraft loading terrain

When attempting to establish a connection with the server, it typically arises. Your character becomes immobilized, and you will be unable to join the server. Your acquaintances might also encounter difficulties connecting to the Minecraft server as a result of this problem. The game will experience a complete timeout, although occasionally you may be fortunate enough to successfully join the server.

How to Fix the “Loading Terrain” Issue on Minecraft: 7 Methods

Fix #1: Check or Disable Mods

deleting minecraft mods

Fix #2: Update Your Graphics Drivers

If you have previously attempted to fix this Minecraft server issue, it is possible that the cause of the stuck server experience and error terrain loading could be your graphic system’s drivers. However, if you have not been able to resolve this issue, there may be no solution available.

Once you restart the game, you will see the issue resolved. You can do this from the device manager. The best way to solve this problem is to update it.

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nvidia - graphic uploads

Fix #3: Update Java

Not updating the Java framework can result in numerous gameplay problems. Moreover, it can lead to connectivity issues. Therefore, it is important to keep your Java framework [1] up to date on both the client-side and server-side. Updating the Java framework on both the client-side and server-side can help prevent connection issues. In addition, it can also resolve many gameplay problems.

update java app

Fix #4: Check for Router or Firewall Issues

If the firewall is active, it might be blocking Java instances. If your firewall has active programs like antivirus or Windows Defender Firewall, there may be issues with the proper functioning of the Minecraft game.

To resolve this issue, attempt to reboot your router and restart your computer once more. Additionally, make sure to grant permission for your Minecraft assets to successfully pass. Give permission for your Minecraft resources to successfully pass, ensuring that you restart your PC and reset your router in order to troubleshoot this problem.

Windows Defender Firewall

Fix #5: Disable Texture Packs

To ensure the smooth operation of your game, it is necessary to deactivate the texture packs, which are akin to modifications. This can be done by accessing the Minecraft game settings, opening them, locating the Texture Packs section, and selecting the option to disable them.

Fix #6: Reduce the Render Distance on Minecraft

The problem has been resolved. If you encounter any issues while reconnecting, please try adjusting the exit settings. Rendering chunks 4-5 at a shorter distance will provide a smoother video navigation experience. Adjusting the video settings will allow for easier navigation. Disabling texture packs can also help improve performance.

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changing render distance on minecraft

Fix #7: Check for Corrupted Game Files

Another possible cause for encountering the terrain error or the exception in the server tick loop error on your Minecraft server is the presence of corrupted server files. To resolve these problems, please follow the steps below to check for any corrupted files and fix them accordingly.

  • On the taskbar, look for %appdata%, then hit Enter.
  • To duplicate the save folder, double-click on the .Minecraft directory.
  • If you desire, you can also create a backup of your mode files.
  • Remove the .Minecraft directory.
  • Leave and restart the game launcher.
  • Immediately after completing this task, the game will automatically retrieve fresh files for a seamless installation.
  • Conclusion

    When a Minecraft server is stuck on “loading terrain,” there are various reasons for this issue. These range from corrupted mod files to outdated graphic drivers. However, the solutions to fix this problem are relatively simple and easy to implement. All you need to do is follow the troubleshooting steps and tips that our gamers have provided for your convenience.

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