How to Keep Inventory When You Die in Minecraft

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2022 brings new commands and features to Minecraft. Don’t worry about losing stolen items in your inventory, as there is a way to prevent that. You can use a Nether portal to travel to the Nether dimension, but be cautious, as falling into lava will destroy everything you have. Additionally, other players can steal or despawn your items. While there isn’t a foolproof solution in most cases, you can go back to the place where you died and collect your dropped items to avoid losing progress. Luckily, with the introduction of the Warden boss mob, players now have even more to worry about. Prepare yourself by creating respawn points and being mindful of dangerous environments like high mountains and lava pools, as death in Minecraft is inevitable.

In order to activate cheats and utilize the command, refer to the table provided below to promptly bypass to the procedure. However, if you are not inclined to wait, in the realm of Minecraft, we will initially address the fundamental concepts before proceeding to the utilization of the keep inventory command.


  • What Happens When You Die in Minecraft

    If you are playing Minecraft in hardcore mode, you will start your world from the beginning and will have only one life. In this mode, when you die, you can choose to respawn by visiting the location of your death and collect all the items from your inventory. It’s important to note that death is not permanent in adventure, survival, or creative modes of Minecraft.

    Death Screen on Minecraft Java
    Death Screen in Minecraft Java

    Unless you have all your resources backed up, you will not be able to retrieve them in case of death. If it takes you more than 5 minutes to reach your death location, the items will automatically disappear. The game removes all dropped items after a chunk of 5 minutes has been loaded. Now, when a problem arises and it takes too long for you to visit your death location, it becomes an issue.

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    Enable Cheats or Commands in Minecraft

    In order to keep your inventory in Minecraft, you need to enable cheats first. Similarly, commands work in the same way to enable cheats in other video games.

    On Bedrock Edition

    To activate cheats in Minecraft Bedrock, simply follow these instructions. The procedure remains unchanged for Windows, PS and Xbox consoles, as well as Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices.

    Tap on the “Settings” option. Then, open the pause menu by pressing the “ESC” button or your platform’s dedicated pause key. First.

    Settings in Bedrock Pause Menu

    To enable the “Activate Cheats” switch, go to the “Cheats” category on the right side and access the “Game” section on the left side of the settings.

    Activate Cheats on Bedrock

    On Java Edition

    Follow these steps to enable cheats in your Java edition Minecraft world on the following platforms: Chrome OS, macOS, Linux, and Windows.

    Your device can be fooled by naming it on network LAN without even accessing it. Don’t be tricked by the option to open LAN. Then, click on “Open” in the menu, pause and press the “ESC” key to begin. 1: Input

    lan world option Java pause game menu

    To return to your realm with cheats activated, simply click on “start LAN world” in the end. In the LAN configurations, switch on the “Enable Cheats” choice adjacent.

    Java MC lan world option

    How to Enter Commands in Minecraft (PC, Console, or Mobile)

    In order to input commands such as “keep inventory” in Minecraft, you must utilize the in-game chat feature. This functionality functions consistently across all versions of Minecraft. On a PC, you can activate the chat feature by pressing the “T” key. Likewise, on consoles, you can activate it by pressing the designated chat key. The dedicated chat key is available on consoles, while on a PC, the “T” key is used to access the chat option. The in-game chat feature is essential for inputting commands like “keep inventory” in Minecraft and operates uniformly across all Minecraft platforms.

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    MCPE Chat Icon

    If you are using an iPad or iOS on your Android device, you can press the chat icon at the top of your screen. In the screenshot above, it appears that the highlighted icon resembles the one you should press.

    How to Use Minecraft Keep Inventory Command

    This feature enables you to modify crucial regulations governing the operation of a Minecraft realm. The “keep inventory” instruction in Minecraft serves as an expansion of the game rule directive. Here’s a guide on how to utilize it.

    1. To begin, access the chat feature in your Minecraft realm and enter:

    /gamerule keepInventory true

    Please note that Minecraft commands are case sensitive, so the text you enter should resemble the command mentioned above. Afterward, press the “send” button or the enter key. You should type what the command looks like, keeping in mind that Minecraft commands are case sensitive.

    Keep inventory command in Minecraft

    Now that the keep inventory regulation in Minecraft is in effect, you can evaluate it. Place some belongings in your inventory and eliminate your character. The optimal approach to do this is by utilizing the “/kill” directive or leaping from a great height. To test it, put some resources in your inventory and kill your character, as the keep inventory guideline is now active in Minecraft.

    Dying with Keep Inventory in Minecraft

    However, in the event of death caused by an explosion or contact with lava, your armor will still sustain damage as per normal. This rule applies both to your armor and any items currently equipped. Therefore, unless you deliberately choose to discard them, the items stored in your inventory remain unaffected even if your character perishes. Upon respawning, you will observe that all the items in your inventory remain undamaged.

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    Learn to Use the Keep Inventory Command in Minecraft

    Most Minecraft servers disable commands such as this powerful one to keep the game fair and high stakes for all players. But keep in mind that this command is useless in the best Minecraft servers. Even though you can try to meet and fight the new mobs in Minecraft 1.19, the risks are limited. You can explore each Minecraft biome without worrying about storage. This nifty command opens up a variety of opportunities for you in the game. Just be ready to take higher risks and be prepared to lose your inventory without dying in Minecraft.

    If you are not a fan of using commands in Minecraft, you should meet Allay, the new mob in the 1.19 update of Minecraft. You can collect parts of its inventory after your death. There are no mods or cheats involved in making it.

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