Fixed: “You are Not Whitelisted on This Server” on Minecraft Realms

Our team of technical experts can quickly guide you through troubleshooting this issue, helping you understand and fix a relatively simple error. Many players wonder why you can’t connect to this Minecraft server when the message clearly states that you are not whitelisted on the server.

Not Whitelisted on a Minecraft Server: What Does it Mean?

You cannot access the server and those who are blacklisted are not allowed. To either reject or allow someone from joining your private server, you need to use the whitelist feature.

Therefore, if you are not allowed to join the server and you do not have the necessary permissions to join the server from the game settings, you will not get an error saying that you are not whitelisted on Minecraft.

How Do You Whitelist in Minecraft Realms?

The process of whitelisting in Minecraft realms allows you to keep your server private and not open it to any player without your consent. This is especially useful if you are unfamiliar with the most useful server commands of Minecraft realms and may not fully enjoy the game. Minecraft Realms gives you the option of renting private servers to play with your friends.

whitelist add

Fix #1: Check the Correct Process for the Version You’re Playing in

It is essential for you to pay close attention to the version of the game you are on. Therefore, finding a seed for a Minecraft server in Bedrock and Java does not have the same process. The settings for the Bedrock edition are almost entirely different from the settings for the Java edition. You must understand that the game setting in Minecraft varies from version to version.

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If you want to run the Java edition of the game, you can navigate to the console panel and enter the “whitelist” by pressing the button.

You will be able to see the configuration files on the left-hand side panel. Stop the server, and then players of the Bedrock game edition can go into the game panel. You should be able to access the server settings from the configuration files. Look for the whitelist and change the value to “true.”

Fix #2: Re-open the Realm

minecraft realm reopen


If you lack the appropriate server edition or have been excluded from accessing the server, it is highly probable that you will encounter the “You are not authorized on this Minecraft realms server” notification.

You can consistently rely on the advice we have provided in this manual, regardless of the cause. In alternate circumstances, it could be a defect or an error.

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