Help Us Gear Up for Launch During the Diablo IV Server Slam

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Input: Attention, all adventurers! As we gear up for the highly anticipated release of Diablo IV on June 6th, we cordially invite you to join us for an exhilarating mission: the Server Slam. Your unparalleled demon-purging skills are needed for this epic undertaking.

Join the battle for Sanctuary’s protection! From May 12 at noon until May 14 at noon PDT, warriors across Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 are invited to unite. With the added bonus of couch co-op for console players and the opportunity for cross-play and cross-progression on all platforms, let’s face the daunting forces of the Burning Hells and put our servers to the ultimate test!


What to Expect During Server Slam

Embrace the chaos of Server Slam, as it offers players a thrilling last weekend in the depths of Hell, granting them a mere taste of the grandeur that awaits in Diablo IV. This event will not only push our servers to their limits but also serve as a playground for you to unleash your creativity. The Prologue and Act I await your artistic touch, allowing you to paint a vivid picture using the remains of defeated demons. Embark on an adventure in Fractured Peaks, the initial Zone, where you have the freedom to navigate its treacherous terrain as one of the mighty Barbarian, mystical Druid, dark Necromancer, agile Rogue, or spellbinding Sorcerer. Unleash your devastating powers upon enemies and refine your exceptional abilities along the way.

If you were one of the fortunate players who experienced our Early Access and Open Beta weekends, you might find these particulars quite familiar. Nevertheless, brace yourselves for the introduction of some intriguing nuances as we embark on the Server Slam journey.

  • The toil put into advancing any character during the Early Access and Open Beta weekends will not be retained for Server Slam. Moreover, any character progression achieved during Server Slam will not transfer to the grand launch.
  • Once players reach Level 20, their character’s progress in acquiring Ability Points may come to a halt, but they will still have the thrilling opportunity to vanquish demons and acquire captivating gear.
  • The drop rate of Legendary Items has undergone a magnificent alteration, now mirroring the enchanting rate that shall grace the grand launch of Diablo IV.
  • Experience the ultimate version of Diablo IV during Server Slam, where you’ll find a harmonious blend of bug fixes and updates meticulously outlined in our captivating Open Beta Retrospective blog.
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    Fractured Peaks offers not just peril to conquer, but a plethora of opportunities to enhance your character. Embark on a journey to Kyovashad, where you can mend and acquire new equipment, enhance your healing elixir, explore the Stash, and much more. Immerse yourself in the rich narrative of Sanctuary through engaging Main and Side Quests. Test your combat skills in thrilling World and Legion Events, and gather an impressive collection of gear from the treacherous Dungeons.

    Overcome Server Slam’s Biggest Challenge: Ashava

    Brace yourself in anticipation of encountering Ashava, a monstrous creation of the Burning Hells. With her colossal size, twin arm blades as sharp as razors, and impenetrable scales surpassing even the strength of plate mail, she relentlessly pursues her mission to drench Sanctuary in a venomous miasma, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.

    Input: Felling her during Server Slam will prove to be an enormous challenge since your characters are unable to exceed Level 20.

    Brace yourself for the ultimate showdown against Ashava in the epic battle known as Server Slam.

  • Commencing on May 13 at the crack of dawn, precisely at 9 in the morning PDT, and continuing like clockwork every 3 hours henceforth, until the ultimate emergence on May 14 at the same time, PDT.
  • Earn Server Slam Rewards as You Play

    With the pestilence of Ashava relentlessly spreading, a brand new opportunity arises to obtain a remarkable prize – the coveted Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy.

  • Ashava’s Mount Trophy: a triumphant token attained by overpowering Ashava using a sole Level 20 character, echoing the resounding cry of victory.
  • By harnessing the essence of our Early Access and Open Beta weekends, we have revived the rewards, breathing new life into them. Players now have the opportunity to attain these esteemed tokens of courage by shedding the blood of demons. Once Diablo IV is unleashed, those who have unlocked these extraordinary rewards shall be bestowed with them. It is important to note that if you have already earned these rewards during the Early Access and Open Beta weekends, there is no need to embark on the quest to earn them once more.

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  • The Coveted Kyovashad Achievement: attained by journeying to Kyovashad with a single protagonist.
  • Input: Early Voyager Title: achieved upon reaching Level 20 with a single character.The esteemed Early Voyager Title awaits those who conquer Level 20 with a sole character.
  • Unleash the power of the Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item, a prestigious reward attained by surpassing Level 20 with a single character.
  • How to Download Server Slam

    You don’t have to hold off until May 12 to kick off your Server Slam download! Get a head start on this thrilling experience from May 10 at 12 p.M. PDT onwards. Check out the instructions provided below to easily download Server Slam on your preferred platform.

    Input: If you haven’t yet downloaded the Diablo IV Open Beta,


  • Begin your journey on the Battle.Net client by setting sail for Diablo IV. Should this coveted gem not grace your Favorites bar, fear not! Simply summon it into existence with a single click on the illustrious + icon. Alternatively, embark on an adventure through the vast realms of the All Games page, where Diablo IV awaits your arrival, proudly perched atop the pinnacle of the list.
  • Input: Once you arrive at the Diablo IV Game Page, unveil the dropdown menu beneath Game Version and opt for the Diablo IV – Server Slam alternative. Proceed to press the vibrant button labeled Install. The installation process of the game shall commence, and as soon as it becomes accessible, hit Play to initiate the Launch.
  • Xbox.

  • Input: Launch the Xbox Store and search for Diablo IV-Server Slam. Select Download.Embark on a thrilling adventure by opening up the Xbox Store and delving into the depths of Diablo IV-Server Slam. Opt for the exhilarating option of Download.
  • PlayStation.

  • Input: Initiate the PlayStation Store and embark on a quest to uncover Diablo IV-Server Slam. Opt for the Download option.
  • Input: For those who still have the Diablo IV Open Beta downloaded:For all the steadfast souls who possess the Diablo IV Open Beta, firmly nestled within their digital realms:

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  • As soon as the commencement of the Early Download phase arrives, a splendid update shall emerge, awaiting your eager download. Following the commencement of the Server Slam extravaganza, embark on your exhilarating expedition into the enchanting realm of Sanctuary.
  • Input: Note: In most regions, you won’t need an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription to play Diablo IV during Server Slam. However, in Germany, a PlayStation Plus subscription will be necessary due to rating requirements. Once Diablo IV is officially released, you’ll need either an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription to enjoy certain multiplayer features of the game.Attention: You’ll be thrilled to know that in most regions, indulging in the epic realm of Diablo IV during Server Slam won’t demand an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription. However, please bear in mind that in Germany, a PlayStation Plus subscription is mandatory to comply with rating requirements. Once Diablo IV makes its grand entrance, a subscription to either Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus will be imperative to unlock the full potential of the game’s exhilarating multiplayer features.

    Watch the Latest Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream

    Although our recent Livestream for Diablo IV Developer Update has come to an end, fear not! Dive into the infernal depths of the game and indulge in unholy revelations by watching the captivating video-on-demand below.

    Today, we were graced with the presence of the illustrious game director Joe Shely, the esteemed associate game director Joseph Piepiora, and the remarkable associate director of community Adam Fletcher. To add to the excitement, we were honored to have the extraordinary Rhykker as our special guest host. This extraordinary panel of Diablo connoisseurs enlightened us on the captivating world of endgame offerings. They delved into the intricate modifications made to Classes and dungeons, all thanks to the invaluable feedback and gameplay data provided by passionate players. The cherry on top was a riveting live Q&A session where our developers directly engaged with players, answering their burning questions.

    Be Prepared to Enter Hell’s Gates

    We are immensely grateful for the incredible preparation you have undertaken to ensure our successful launch!

    The Squad of Diablo IV.

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