How to Allocate More Ram to Minecraft in 2023: 3 Methods

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    May 16, 2023

    Minecraft is not just another video game, it is a world of endless possibilities where players can create, explore, and build to their heart’s content. The game has won over millions of fans worldwide, who are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their gaming experience. However, adding mods and textures to Minecraft can result in it becoming a memory hog, causing it to lag and crash. Thankfully, there are ways to allocate more RAM to Minecraft, ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on the easiest way to allocate more RAM to Minecraft, so you can enjoy playing without any interruptions.

    Prior to delving into the approach on how to allocate additional RAM for Minecraft, it is crucial to note that this technique is solely applicable for “Minecraft: Java Edition”. Any other edition, such as “Bedrock” or “Minecraft for Windows 10”, will not be compatible with this method. The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, unfortunately, does not offer a built-in feature to regulate the usage of RAM.

    If you’re looking to enhance your Minecraft gameplay by allocating more RAM, the key is to tinker with your Minecraft launcher app settings. This app is your trusty companion for launching and enjoying Minecraft to the fullest. With a plethora of launchers available online, the one you choose will depend on the specific mods you’re utilizing. To give you a head start, we’ll be delving into three of the most popular launchers out there.

    Within the confines of

    filmora box

    The remarkable Filmora

    Wondershare Filmora – Minecraft Game Recorder

    • Capture game streaming sessions without compromising on memory usage.

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    • Customize the cropping of the recording area to share your gameplay footage on various social media platforms.

    • Enjoy seamless compatibility across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac,

    How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft using Default Launcher

    Minecraft enthusiasts worldwide are well acquainted with the renowned Minecraft Launcher – an indispensable tool for any avid player. Its ubiquitous presence in the gaming community attests to its widespread popularity as the go-to launcher for countless gamers.

    Begin your Minecraft journey by launching the Minecraft Launcher and smoothly glide over to the “Installation” Tab


    Proceed to Step 02 by navigating to the Installation tab and gracefully clicking on the trio of dots situated on the right-hand side of the “Latest Release”. From there, opt to select “Edit” and continue


    As you venture into Step 03, a new window will reveal itself, housing the intricate settings of Minecraft. Take the next leap and click on “More Options”.


    Proceed to Step 04 where you’ll find the coveted “JVM Arguments” section waiting for you. Within this segment lies the holy grail of Minecraft performance – the “2G” text which symbolizes the amount of RAM dedicated to the game. However, you’re not bound by this arbitrary number. If you desire more Gigabytes allocated to your Minecraft experience, simply make the switch to your preferred number. For instance, let’s elevate our gaming experience to new heights by switching to “4G”. Once you’ve made the change, keep the remaining text untouched and seal the deal by pressing “Save”.


    Proceed to step 05 by navigating to the “Play” tab and pressing the Play button. Get ready to immerse yourself in a more refined Minecraft experience with increased RAM for seamless gameplay.

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    Experience seamless game recording with Filmora!

    The remarkable Filmora can capture any area of the PC screen and webcam. It’s perfect to capture and streaming the game process without using much RAM. Plus, you can edit the game recording video files in Filmora directly! Worth to have a try!

    How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft using CurseForge Launcher

    When it comes to launching Minecraft, CurseForge is a close runner-up to the Minecraft Launcher. This versatile tool empowers you to adjust the memory allocation for your Minecraft experience, so you can tailor your gameplay to your preferences.

    In order to begin, launch the CurseForge Launcher and navigate to the Settings icon that can be found at the lower left-hand corner of the screen.


    Proceed to Step 02 by navigating to the left bar of CurseForge and selecting Game Specifics. From there, delve into Minecraft by clicking on it to access its respective settings.


    Proceed to Step 03 and navigate to the Java Settings section. Within this section lies a bar that grants you control over the Allocated Memory. Adjust it to your liking and allocate the necessary memory for a seamless Minecraft experience. Finally, click on the Cross (X) at the top and indulge in uninterrupted gameplay.


    How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft using ATLauncher

    ATLauncher, a renowned and extensively utilized launcher for Minecraft, boasts a unique characteristic of allowing users to regulate the memory allocation for the game. Shall we delve into the process of increasing Minecraft’s RAM allocation?

    Begin your adventure by launching ATLauncher and exploring the “Settings”

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    As you ascend the settings page, you’ll discover a series of tabs, beckoning to be explored. Navigate to the Java/Minecraft tab and unveil the hidden settings of Minecraft. Among them, you’ll find the “Maximum Memory/RAM” option, ready to be tailored to your liking. Once you’ve adjusted this crucial setting, hit “Save” and grant Minecraft the memory it deserves. With this newfound power, Minecraft will come to life in ways you never thought possible.


    Minecraft enthusiasts from all over the globe rely on these tried and tested launchers. When it comes to choosing the appropriate method, simply consider the launcher you’re currently using. The methods outlined below on how to allocate additional RAM to Minecraft will undoubtedly enhance your experience, allowing you to delve into all sorts of mods and textures without the annoyance of lag or crashes. If you’re keen on recording your Minecraft escapades, look no further than Filmora, an all-encompassing video recorder and editor for your computer. With its comprehensive set of tools and effects, you can capture high-quality footage and tweak it to your heart’s content. Check out the video below for more information.

    Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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