How To Check Light Level in Minecraft (and why?)

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It’s quite simple to check the light level in any edition of Minecraft. Chances are, there is not a high enough light level in any corner of your house. Have you ever had monsters randomly spawn in your house?

In order to access the Bedrock Edition add-on externally, you will need to download it. Additionally, in the Java Edition, you can use the (F3 menu debug) to examine the light level of the Java Edition’s default level.

Checking the light level is incredibly simple if you are playing on Java Edition. Open the debug screen by pressing F3, which is commonly utilized to view your coordinates.

Light Level in the Minecraft Java Edition debug menu
Light Level in the Minecraft Java Edition debug menu

The “Client Light” parameter can be located at line 14. The block data, which provides information about the block you are currently positioned on, is required along with the sky’s light level.

How to Check Light Level in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Unfortunately, the Bedrock Edition does not offer the same feature as Java. In order to see the light level of your current location, you will have to download an addon called Light Level Sensor.

To utilize this addon for examining the luminosity level in Minecraft Bedrock edition:.

  • The Edition Builder utilizes different components and the player.Json file to function. You can opt for either the Builder or the Edition Player to download, and then proceed to download the add-on for the main page.
  • Open the downloaded file. It will automatically start Minecraft and import the addon.
  • Generate a fresh universe (or access the preferences of a preexisting universe).
  • In the “Behaviour Packs” section, locate the Light Level Sensor addon and enable it.
  • Step into the realm
  • Light Level Sensor addon in-the Behaviour Packs menu
    Light Level Sensor addon in-the Behaviour Packs menu

    If you are utilizing the Builder Edition, enter the /function light_level.Sensor command in the chat to enable the sensor. To deactivate it, enter the identical command once more. Once more, enter the same command to deactivate the sensor in the chat if you are using the Builder Edition.

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    This is a slightly less accurate edition of Survival, but it is more suitable. For the Edition Builder, you need the Daylight Sensor item to hold the Daylight sensor Level Light.

    Light Level Sensor addon in-game
    Light Level Sensor addon in-game

    By standing in the middle of your screen, you will see a meter that displays the level of light, without using any specific edition.

    What are Light Levels For

    Light levels indicate the brightness of the area on a scale ranging from 0 to 15. In clear weather, the light level at noon is 15, whereas at midnight it is 4. Typically, most light sources elevate the light level to 14-15. The description of light levels pertains to the degree of illumination in the area, rated from 0 to 15.

    The form needs to be light enough so that blocks are visible. Mobs from a lower level or below 7 light up when they spawn, such as Skeletons and Zombies. Creepers, along with other common hostile mobs, make up the majority.

  • Ice: brightness level 9 or below.
  • Snow: low intensity level 10 or below.
  • Mushrooms: light intensity 12 or below.
  • Seedlings: brightness level 9 or greater.
  • Crops: brightness level 9 or greater.
  • Soil: brightness level 9 or above.
  • Even with numerous torches placed around, crops will not grow during the night. This implies that they necessitate a minimum natural light level of 9 to thrive, as not all of them can be influenced by artificial light sources such as torches or lanterns.

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