How to enter the third-person mode in Minecraft

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How to Go Into the Third-Person Mode in Minecraft

Are you aware of the third-person mode in Minecraft? This incredible feature is bound to enhance your gaming experience and give you a fresh perspective. For PvP online mode, it’s a game-changing tool. It’s surprising to learn that even seasoned players struggle to master the art of using it effectively.

Discover the secrets of Minecraft’s third-person mode with this comprehensive guide, encompassing all platforms where the game can be played. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, this article promises to be an essential tool in your Minecraft arsenal, providing valuable insights and tips for players of every level and platform.

How to Turn On Third-Person Mode in Minecraft


With the third-person view, you can catch a glimpse of your avatar from a bird’s eye perspective, starting from the ground level at 0 degrees (Y axis) and soaring up to 90 degrees when peering straight down at your character.

Although the majority of gamers lean towards the first-person perspective when enjoying Minecraft, there are instances where the third-person mode can prove advantageous. For instance, capturing a screenshot or acquiring a superior viewpoint. Consequently, it’s essential to be well-versed in the proper technique of executing this maneuver.

Activating the third-person camera mode is a breeze, but the process varies across different platforms. Peruse the list below to discover the steps required to switch to third-person mode on any platform:


  • Hit the refresh button on your trust
  • Minecraft PE.

  • Take a break from the game and make a detour to the Settings section. Once there, navigate to the “Video Button” and tweak the “Camera Perspective” setting to your liking.
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    PlayStation 3.

  • Employ the Left Joystick and glide it towards the bottom.
  • PlayStation 4.

  • Employ the Left Joystick and glide it towards the bottom.
  • Xbox 360.

  • Employ the Left Joystick and glide it towards the bottom.
  • Xbox One.

  • Employ the Left Joystick and glide it towards the bottom.
  • Windows 10.

  • Hit the refresh button on your trust
  • Nintendo Switch.

  • Gently manipulate the Left Joycon Stick and slide it in a
  • Education Edition.

  • Hit the refresh button on your trust
  • By simply tapping F5/C, you can instantly switch between the front and back view of the player. To return to first-person perspective, a double-click of F5/C/C will do the trick.

    Concluding our discussion on accessing third-person mode in Minecraft, it’s evident that the transition can be achieved within seconds. However, the approach varies based on the platform utilized.

    You can enjoy the world of Minecraft on a plethora of platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, iOS, Windows, macOS, Xbox

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