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Eydamos’ Backpacks Mod encompasses this particular section.

Backpack and Big Backpack

To fashion a Backpack, arrange Leather in a rectangular configuration, but remember to leave a vacant spot in the middle. Since this is a 3×3 formula, a crafting bench is indispensable. When utilized, the normative backpack grants 27 storage slots, which equals a chest’s capacity. Furthermore, one can adorn Backpacks with any dye hue by incorporating it in the recipe’s center.

Should you opt for Tanned Leather over regular Leather, this recipe will yield a sizable Big Backpack. With a generous 54 slots of inventory capacity, it offers the same storage space as a double chest. Furthermore, you have the freedom to dye your Big Backpack in any shade by incorporating dye in the crafting recipe’s center, just like with the standard Backpacks.

Take your backpack to the next level by incorporating Tanned Leather in the crafting grid to upgrade it to a Big Backpack. The backpack’s name, color, and inventory will remain unchanged during the upgrade process. However, you will gain additional inventory slots and a new backpack model to flaunt on your adventures.

Transforming the hue of a pre-made backpack is a cakewalk; just add a solitary piece of dye to the crafting grid along with the item. To restore the backpack’s original coloration, swap the dye with a scrap of Leather (for the conventional Backpack) or Tanned Leather (for the capacious Big Backpack).

Crafting Recipes

Item Name Crafting Recipe Ingredients

Backpack backpackmod

Leather x8
Red Backpack (Dyed)

Red backpack

Leather x8

Rose Red x1

Backpack (Natural)

Recolor to backpack

[Color] Backpack x1

Leather x1

Big Backpack

Big backpack

Tanned Leather x8
Big Backpack (Upgrade)

Upgrade backpack

Backpack x1

Tanned Leather x8

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How To Use It

By simply holding a backpack in hand, players can effortlessly access its contents with a quick right-click. But for even greater convenience, combining a sneaky move with a right-click on an inventory-containing block (like a chest) will reveal both the clicked inventory and the backpack’s inventory, streamlining item management.

To give your backpack a new moniker, simply hold it in your hand and perform the Sneak+Right-Click combo. Voila! Your

Backpack Mod

Backpack · Big Backpack · Ender Backpack · Workbench Backpack


Bound Leather · Tanned Leather

All information on these pages is for 1.6.x of this mod.

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