How to set up Steam Link on your iPhone and iPad

how to set up steam link on your iphone and ipad 107412

After a long wait, the Steam Link app has finally arrived on the scene for iPhone and iPad users. This incredible app enables seamless connectivity and streaming of your beloved Steam games straight from your computer to your Apple devices. No longer restricted to the confines of your home network, this app breaks the barriers and lets you indulge in gaming bliss from any location. The initial setup may demand an internet connection, but once configured, the freedom to stream your games knows no bounds. Truly, this innovation is a stroke of genius.

Products needed for this how to

  • Unleash your gaming prowess with the ultimate gaming accessory: the Gamevice Controller, available for just $38 on Amazon.
  • Experience the wonders of Steam Link, a captivating app that can be downloaded for free from the App Store.
  • How to set up your Steam Link app

  • Unleash the power of Steam on your computer.
  • Opt for the grandiose imagery symbol located at the apex of the left-hand side.
  • Launch the captivating Steam Link application on your trusty iPhone or iPad device.
  • Gently tap the button labeled “Connect Bluetooth controller” displayed on the screen.
  • Follow the instructions specific to your controller and establish a seamless Bluetooth connection between your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select the electronic companion of your dreams to seamlessly stream your desires.
  • An exclusive cipher shall manifest on your iPhone or iPad. It is imperative to insert this cryptogram into your Steam launcher on your computer.
  • After successfully establishing a connection between the app and your computer, a captivating screen will appear, displaying the current status of your connection. Excitement fills the air as you eagerly tap the enchanting Start Playing button that graces this screen.
  • Indulge in the pleasure of playing your Steam games while lounging in your cozy hammock amidst the great outdoors!
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    Our top equipment picks

    While the Steam Link app offers the convenience of on-screen controls and compatibility with the Steam Controller, we have discovered a more exhilarating method to enjoy gaming on an iPhone – by utilizing one of these extraordinary alternatives:

    Grip for days

    Amazing savings.

    Tailor-made for the iPhone, and now available at a mere fraction of its initial price. It’s like grasping a miniature version of the Nintendo Switch, the ingenious design of the Gamevice seamlessly attaching to your phone.

    Among the myriad of alternative controllers available, the Gamevice stands out as an exquisitely crafted gamepad that we highly recommend. Meticulously tailored to optimize your gaming experience on the iPhone, the latest 2017 version of this remarkable device can now be acquired at an exceptionally affordable cost.


    Immerse yourself in an extraordinary gaming experience.

    The concept of carrying your entire collection of games with you wherever you venture holds an irresistible allure. The Steam Link application for iPhone and iPad functions flawlessly, provided you possess the necessary bandwidth.

    The Steam Link app excels in flawless functionality. It effortlessly fulfills its purpose and goes above and beyond by granting you the delightful ability to stream your computer to your iPhone or iPad. A mere press of Command + Tab and you venture beyond the realms of Steam, while the desktop stream persists, granting you the freedom to utilize your computer unrestrictedly.

    Other useful things for your gaming pleasure

    While these items may not be crucial, they have the potential to greatly enhance your gaming journey.

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    Unleash your gaming potential with the remarkable Fosman Bluetooth controller, now available for a mere $22 on Amazon.

    Certain games seamlessly adapt to a controller’s interface, while others thrive on the dynamic duo of a keyboard and mouse. Enter this remarkable Bluetooth keyboard, equipped with a built-in trackpad, poised to elevate the exhilaration of playing games like Civilization VI to unprecedented levels of enjoyment.

    The remarkable Steam controller can be purchased for just $90 on Amazon.

    The Steam controller boasts a tailor-made design to seamlessly accommodate an extensive array of Steam games. While it may be slightly cumbersome, if you crave the complete Steam experience, this is undoubtedly your go-to option.

    Unleash the Power of the Valve Popsocket, Now Available at an Unbeatable Price of $14 on Amazon!

    Alright, alright! It may not be the exact Valve logo, but it’s pretty darn close. Plus, if you’re rocking the keyboard, the Popsocket serves as a nifty little stand.

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