Is Diablo 4 cross-platform?

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  • The rise of the demons has come again, and now it falls upon you and your companions to put an end to their havoc. The Diablo games have consistently provided thrilling cooperative adventures, especially since the release of the third installment. With Diablo 4, the multiplayer aspect takes center stage, immersing players in a world that is always connected. Unlike its predecessors, this game offers a persistently online universe where you can interact and witness fellow warriors traversing Sanctuary at any given moment. Additionally, a groundbreaking development for the series is its simultaneous launch on both PCs and consoles, granting everyone the opportunity to embark on a journey to vanquish demonic creatures. However, what if you desire to join forces with friends who own a different gaming platform? Before you embark on your solitary dungeon exploration, discover all the essential details about the cross-platform support in Diablo 4.

    Is Diablo 4 cross-platform?

    A rogue attacks enemies in Diablo 4.
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    In Diablo 4, the co-op experience is designed to accommodate players of different levels. So, even if your friend has been playing non-stop and has surpassed you by 15 levels, you won’t be instantly obliterated by weak enemies when you join their game. The power of the enemies you encounter will be adjusted according to your level, ensuring a fair challenge for everyone involved. This means that you can team up with anyone without any hindrances. Interestingly, console players have an additional advantage when it comes to co-op. They have the ability to initiate local co-op sessions using a second controller on the same console, a feature unavailable to PC players.

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    Apart from enabling cross-play, Diablo 4 boasts complete cross-progression. Thus, whether you embark on your adventure on a PC and later decide to switch to a console, you can seamlessly resume from exactly where you last left off, without encountering any obstacles.

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