Luigi’s Mansion 3: How to Get the Mouse

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Get the elevator button from the rat

As you venture into the eerie depths of Luigi’s Mansion 3, prepare to encounter an array of miscreants, some of whom may try to pilfer your belongings. While most of these troublemakers take the form of mischievous ghosts or elusive boos, there is one cunning thief who stands out amongst the rest: a sly little mouse. This audacious critter, having snatched the hard-earned elevator button from your grasp, scurries away with it hidden deep within its belly. Now, the question remains: how shall you reclaim what is rightfully yours? Fear not, for we shall guide you through the intricate process of capturing the elusive mouse in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How to Get the Mouse

The battle at hand unfolds across multiple stages, allowing us to dissect each one individually. Let’s start with the initial stage, where the colossal rat or mouse that initially snatched the elevator button from you has relocated to the preceding room. Make your way back through the same doorway you entered from and you’ll find a breach in the wall towards the north of the room. This is the mouse’s hiding spot, but enticing him out is essential to retrieve the button. Direct your attention to the shelf positioned above the gap, as it holds the solution. Deploy the temptation of cheese to coax him out, then swiftly employ your reliable vacuum to draw the cheese away, granting you enough time to seize the mouse and reclaim the button.

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Gently tap the ZL button to place it on the ground, ensuring the mouse remains undisturbed. Observe as it cautiously peeks its head out, scanning for any potential danger. Once it deems the coast clear, the mouse scurries towards the tempting cheese. Surprisingly, instead of resorting to vacuuming, you are advised to employ your trusty flashlight. Channel your energy by holding down either the R or A button, gradually approaching the mouse. Then, unleash a powerful blast of light to disintegrate the mouse, transforming it into the coveted elevator button. However, the adventure doesn’t conclude just yet, as another daring mouse swiftly enters the scene, determined to snatch the button from your grasp, reigniting the thrilling pursuit once more.

Concealed within the billiard room, the elusive mouse lurks, nestled away in the depths of the hallway. As you embark on this adventure, prepare to confront a multitude of ghosts, dispatching them in the usual manner – employing your trusty flashlight to stun them and capturing their essence with the formidable Poltergust. Upon vanquishing these spectral foes, your next task is to intimidate the mouse, coaxing it out of its sanctuary concealed amongst the lockers. Engage the Y button to unleash a Suction Shot plunger, ensnaring the mischievous creature, and with a swift press of A, catapult it away. Be it the expulsion of all the phantoms or solely the one adorned in a captivating golden hue within the mouse’s refuge, the mouse will hastily flee from its hiding place and make its grand exit from the room.

Head back to the hallway and embark on a thrilling pursuit towards the bathroom that he vanished into. Once there, keep a keen eye for a stall that radiates an enchanting glow, reminiscent of the lockers. Utilize the Suction Shot once more to forcefully unveil its contents. To your astonishment, you discover a horde of rats scurrying about, demanding your utmost readiness. Fear not, for this time you possess the Poltergust, a mighty tool capable of effortlessly capturing them all before they can inflict harm upon you. And at long last, your unwavering determination pays off as you acquire the coveted elevator button that you have valiantly battled for. This, my friends, is the secret to obtaining the elusive mouse in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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