Minecraft Failed to Bind Port – Try These Fixes

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It’s a common issue within the realm of Minecraft servers, where your computer fails to recognize the IP address of the server you are trying to connect to. This typically results in an error message stating that the IP address of your computer does not match the IP address of the Minecraft server you are attempting to join.

In order to address the problem, we will begin by implementing a few straightforward solutions and then progress to the more intricate ones. This could be due to problems with the Internet Service Provider or occasionally sluggish internet speeds.

Check Internet Connection Speed

Sometimes, a slow connection speed can be the cause of port binding error. As the host of your Minecraft server, it is absolutely necessary to have a good internet connection.

Restarting your router may solve many cases of slow internet speed. You can check the internet connection speed with the help of websites like Speedtest.Net or Fast.Com.

Terminate Java

Sometimes, Java becomes an obstacle for working servers when these files come in between. In such cases, we must terminate the java-related processes from the task manager. From the task manager, we must terminate those java-related processes. In such cases, these files create a hindrance for working servers, but Java is essential for running Minecraft.

  • Click on the initiate button and enter Task Manager.
  • Click and open Task managerTask manager-search
  • Look for Java(TM) Platform SE binary in the roster of Processes in the Task Manager.
  • Right-click and select End task from the list of Options. End-task
  • Proceed to the following solution if the issue persists. Verify if you are able to launch your Minecraft server at this time and proceed to restart your computer.

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    Run the Troubleshooter for Internet Connection

    Problem-solving is a dependable choice for resolving issues related to windows, and it can also address internet-related concerns.

    These are the procedures to resolve any problems related to internet connectivity:.

  • Click on the Windows icon and type troubleshoot. The Troubleshoot settings will appear. Troubleshoot Search
  • Click on the Troubleshoot options, and the window for settings will appear.
  • Click on Other Troubleshooters on the third row under the Options. Other-Troubleshooters
  • Click on Run for the Internet Connection Option, and the system will start troubleshooting.Run Troubleshooting
  • Shut the window and attempt launching the Minecraft server to check if the issue persists.

    Change Your Server IP in server.properties.

    Here are the steps to connect your computer to the Minecraft server using the server’s IP address. You will need to change your computer’s IP address to match the IP address of the Minecraft server.

  • Find the Server directory.
  • Among the list, find server.properties and open it with notepad by right-clicking, going to Open with the option, and selecting notepad. Server.Properties
  • The IP address of your system’s internal IP Address corresponds to the IP address of the server IP, along with the IP address you can locate in the list.
  • To locate the IP Address of your system, press the Windows key + R, and enter ‘
  • Type ‘ipconfig‘ in the command window and press Enter. The window will reveal the Ethernet adapter connection.IPv4-address
  • Copy the address of IPv4 and paste it into the notepad file that you opened above. server-ip
  • Save and close the server.Properties text editor and attempt to open your Minecraft server.
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    Update Your Network Driver

    Sometimes, this action may need to be initiated manually, but the network driver update can sometimes solve the issue by automatically connecting to the internet.

    Here’s how you can manually update the network driver:

  • Click on the start menu and search for device manager. Device-Manager
  • Open Device Manager and select Network adapters to expand the option.
  • Right-click on your device driver and select the Update driver. Update-driver
  • Click on the Search Automatically option for drivers and the system will automatically update your driver to its most recent version.
  • Release and Renew Your Ipconfig

    A way to refresh the Minecraft server is by using the Renew and Release command in the prompt, which requests a suitable new IP address and releases the old IP address.

    Here are the instructions you must follow to release and renew your ipconfig.

  • Launch the Command prompt.
  • In the Command prompt window, enter these commands. Ensure that you hit enter after inputting each command. Ipconfig/releaseipconfig/flushdnsipconfig/renew.
  • The fix below is the last option if you are facing the same connection issue and the following process does not work.

    Allow Java Through Firewall

    It’s a lengthy process, but you need to enable or unblock each individual Java file that has been blocked or disabled by the Firewall. This might be the reason why you are experiencing this port error.

  • Click on the Start button and locate the control panel to access the Control panel window.
  • From the list of small icons, Click on Windows Defender Firewall, which will direct you to the Window Defender Firewall page. Window-Defender-Firewall
  • Click on Advanced Settings on the left, and a new window will pop up. Advanced-Settings
  • Click on Inbound rules at the top right corner, and the window will present you with a list of allowed and blocked actions. Inbound-Rules
  • From the selection of choices, search for every alternative that contains the term “java”.
  • The green tick is activated, while the red circle is disabled.
  • If they have a blank instead of a green check mark, then you need to enable it by clicking on Enable Rule. Go ahead and enable every java action.Enable-Rule
  • To unblock Java, you must choose each individual item and click on properties to enable the Connection.
  • Click on properties on the right side of the list. Change your option from Block this Connection to Allow the Connection. Do this to every java property, and you are set to run the Minecraft server. Allow-the-connection
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    You can now host your Minecraft server and enjoy the game with your friends. There are a number of fixes you can try to solve the “server on” failed message port binding issue.

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