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Within the world of Minecraft, horses are a lively bunch that can whisk you across the map with incredible speed. But, as with any animal, there are certain protocols to follow, like taming, breeding, and healing. The game boasts a colorful array of horse breeds, each with their unique look and personality. Yet, despite their differences, all horses travel at the same speed, rendering the classic debate of the “ultimate” horse breed futile.

Did you know that in the world of Minecraft, horses can be moved without the need for a Saddle? With the aid of a lead, simply attach your horse to a nearby fence and watch as it obediently stays put, no longer wandering off into the distance.

Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft player on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Pocket Edition, this guide is tailored to suit your needs. Stay tuned to PwrDown for more insightful Minecraft guides to sharpen your skills.

Where to Find Horses in Minecraft

In the world of Minecraft, horses can be found roaming the wild without any interference from players. These majestic creatures are only found in groups of 2-6, known as herds, making them a rare and beautiful sight to behold. Unfortunately, if players wish to add these creatures to their world through

horses in minecraft
Herds of Horses, naturally spawning

Horses in Minecraft are typically nestled within the lush expanse of either Plains or Savannah Biomes, though they can also be discovered within Villages boasting stables. Don’t be afraid to explore these areas and see what majestic creatures you can uncover!

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

Minecraft provides an uncomplicated method for taming horses. However, unless you tame these noble beasts, you’ll be unable to manage them, equip them with saddles and armor, or even breed them with other horse companions.

The art of horse-taming requires a gentle touch and an empty hand. With a mere press of a button, your character will mount the majestic creature and begin the delicate process of taming it. Keep in mind, every horse has its own temperament, which will determine the likelihood of success. Persistence is key, as a few attempts are usually necessary before the horse is fully tamed.

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Riding a horse can be a wild adventure with unexpected bumps and jolts that might make you lose your grip. But don’t give up just yet! Persistence pays off, and once the horse finally warms up to you, you’ll feel a wave of warmth emanating from its heart. This is when you know you’ve earned its trust and can finally saddle up for a ride.

How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

In order to embark on an equine adventure within the world of Minecraft, the acquisition of a Saddle is essential. However, if the whereabouts of such an item elude you, fear not, for helpful hints are provided in the following section.

After successfully taming your trusty steed, it’s time to gear up with a Saddle. Simply crouch (SHIFT on Minecraft Java) and interact with your equine companion to reveal the inventory interface. From there, you’ll be able to equip the Saddle into its rightful slot and ride off into the sunset.

horse riding saddle minecraft
A Horse with a Saddle equipped

Whilst atop a majestic equine, one may choose to further enhance their ride by equipping a saddle. This can be achieved by simply pressing the use button, which on PC is designated by the letter E.

Once you’ve fastened the Saddle onto your trusty steed, you’ll have complete command over its every move as you ride. And if you feel like it, you can easily detach the Saddle and transfer it to another horse. Should you need to dismount your mount swiftly, a simple tap of the SHIFT key will do the trick.

How to Get a Saddle

In the realm of Minecraft, the acquisition of Saddles can be achieved through various means. However, with the advent of Minecraft 1.16, the art of crafting these precious items has been lost, leaving only the natural means of obtaining them.

Saddles hold a coveted status as a ‘treasure’ among fishing enthusiasts. Minecraft players have a mere 1% chance of stumbling upon this valuable item whilst casting their line. However, the odds can be tipped in their favor by adding enchantments to their trusty fishing rod.

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Master-level Leather Workers offer you the opportunity to trade for a Saddle, elevating your riding game. The cost for this coveted item is 6 Emeralds with a 50% chance of acquisition (100% on Java Edition).

While treasure chests remain the most convenient source for acquiring a Saddle, they can be found in a variety of locations, including Dungeons, Desert Temples, End Cities, Jungle Temples, Nether Fortresses, Strongholds, Villages, and Bastion Remnants. Keep your eyes peeled for any chests that may cross your path.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Prior to embarking on horse breeding in Minecraft, it is crucial to bear in mind that ownership of at least two tamed horses is a prerequisite. Attempting to breed horses that are not under your ownership will prove futile, as they will dismiss your attempts.

The art of taming horses lies in the power of Golden Apples or Golden Carrots. The Crafting Table is your gateway to creating these magical treats. Simply place an Apple or Carrot in the center slot and encircle it with shimmering Gold Ingots. Remember, one exquisite treat for each mighty steed.

Indulging your horses with a Golden Apple or Carrot will set their hearts aflutter, triggering their love mode and birthing a delightful foal. Breeding requires a certain proximity between these majestic creatures. Young foals are yet to be tamed and can only be domesticated once they mature into adults.

horse breeding minecraft
Horses in ‘love mode’

Enhance the developmental journey of a young horse in Minecraft by providing it with any of these delectable treats: Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Golden Carrot, Golden Apple, or Hay Bale.

How to Heal Horses in Minecraft

In the virtual world of Minecraft, should your trusty steed suffer any harm, do not fret, for there are several items you can offer it to bring back its vitality.

  • Sweetness: Provides a single point
  • The humble wheat has the power to
  • The succulent fruit of the apple
  • The Carrot of Gold: Restores 4
  • The Glittering Fruit: Restores 10
  • A bundle of hay that has the power to heal
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    How to Craft Horse Armor

    Minecraft offers a multitude of Horse Armor tiers, each with its unique characteristics. From the humble Leather to the opulent Diamond, players can choose their preferred style. While Leather Horse Armor can be crafted, the higher tiers can only be obtained through natural means.

    horse diamond armor
    A Horse in Diamond Armor

    Creating the humble Leather Horse Armor requires a few simple steps: arrange Leather in an ‘H’ shape within a Crafting Table, as you would when crafting a Ladder. If you prefer to leave the crafting to the experts, seek out a skilled Leatherworker in a nearby village and exchange 6 Emeralds for their finest Leather Horse Armor.

    Finding the Horse Armor tiers that promise superior defense is a game of chance. These elusive items can appear in various locations like Dungeons, Desert Temples, End Cities, Jungle Temples, Nether Fortresses, Strongholds, Villages, Jungle Temples, and Ruined Portals. However, the likelihood of discovering them is less than 10% per chest. The other Horse Armor tiers include Iron, Gold, and Diamond.

    How to Name Minecraft Horses

    As you reach the end of your equine journey, bestow upon your majestic companion a title worthy of their grace. The ritual mirrors that of christening any other object of significance. Begin by unearthing a name tag, conveniently scattered throughout the land and tucked away in treasure troves.

    Engrave the name tag on an anvil and give it a unique name. Once you have the personalized name tag, engage with your beloved horse and its name will be forever changed.


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