Minecraft: Sharpness Enchantment [Complete Guide]

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One of the enchantments in Minecraft is sharpness, which can further enhance the damage of certain enchantments. However, these weapons mainly deal malicious damage in close-range combat. Melee weapons in Minecraft are considered the best tools for players to defend themselves, thanks to their versatility and accessibility.

Key Takeaways.

  • The Sharpness enchantment boosts the potency of a melee weapon in Minecraft, increasing its damage.
  • The measurement of damage differs for the bedrock and Java editions as the level increases. Moreover, the damage inflicted per attack increases with each level, totaling five levels.
  • In the specific edition of Minecraft known as Bedrock, there are three standard methods for enchanting a melee weapon with the enchantment of sharpness. These methods include using the Anvil. and the Enchantment Table. while employing console commands.
  • In Minecraft, the enchantment table necessitates the use of Lapiz Lazuli, while the Anvil. necessitates enchanted books in order to enchant any item. Players can easily carry out tasks in the game by simply entering specific commands into the command console.
  • The highest level ensures that your enemy is struck down within a few strikes. It exists in Minecraft with many levels, increasing its potency with each level. The sharpness is usually applied on axes and swords by combining it with other enchantments like Unbreaking.

    In Minecraft, the Enchantment Punch guide provides detailed information on how to use this enchantment to enhance your combat skills. If you are not familiar with these fights, the Enchantment Punch can be a helpful option for survival, as it allows players to engage in close-range combat without always relying on hand-to-hand combat. Additionally, players can win many rewards by using these weapons in close-range fights in Minecraft.

    Sharpness Enchantment In Minecraft

    In Minecraft, the enchantment of Sharpness is crucial as it empowers a sword or an axe, similar to numerous other enchantments, and enhances their damage. Moreover, this enchantment is available in five distinct tiers within Minecraft, where each tier contributes an additional 1.25 damage to the attack.

    We have explained the increase in damage and enchantment levels of all five below. When combined with other melee enchantments like Unbreaking, Knockback, and Mending, the weapon becomes the most decisive defense and attack mechanism for close-range fights. Additionally,

    Bedrock Edition

    In the Bedrock version, a convenient roster has been devised for players to understand the escalation of damage for each level. The method of tallying to determine the additional harm for every heightened level varies. Nevertheless, Minecraft offers five tiers of sharpness.

  • Level I of the Sharpness Enchantment increases damage by 1
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level II – increases 2.5 points
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level III – increases damage by an additional 3.75
  • Level IV of the Sharpness Enchantment adds 5 additional points
  • Level V of the Sharpness Enchantment – increases the damage by a significant 6.
  • First bullet point – ( For example, Diamond Sword base damage is 8. After applying the enchantment, it will be 9.25 ).
  • melee weapons which can be enchanted
    Sword and Axe can be enchanted with Sharpness enchantment
  • Java Edition

    The Java version calculates extra damage with each level increase in a unique manner. Gamers can discover the explanatory roster beneath:

  • Level I of the Sharpness Enchantment increases damage by 1
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level II – increases damage by 1.
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level III – increases damage by an additional 2 points.
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level IV – increases additional 2.5 points of damage
  • Sharpness Enchantment Level V – increases damage by 3.
  • First bullet point – ( For example, Diamond Sword base damage is 7. After applying the enchantment, it will be 8 ).
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    How To Get Sharpness Enchantment

    In our guide provided, we have elucidated all the particulars of these techniques. An alternative approach can be acquired at level five, whereas players can enhance their close combat weapon up to level four using one technique. There exist a handful of approaches to attain sharpness in Minecraft.

  • Enchantment Table.
  • Anvil.
  • Captivating command (Bedrock edition
  • If you want to learn more about crafting enchantments in Minecraft, we recommend reading our quick guide on enchantment charges. The crafting process is also similar for all enchantments in Minecraft. Players can craft almost every enchantment in the game using these tools.

    Explorers will have the opportunity to come across the Sharpness Enchantments in different locations, except for that. The enchantment could potentially be found inside the chests located in alternate dimensions, where it can be looted.

    Crafting Sharpness Enchantment Using The Enchanting Table

    Players can acquire obsidian, two diamonds, and an enchanted book by mixing them on the crafting table in Minecraft. Additionally, an enchanting table is an essential tool specifically designed for preparing enchantments in Minecraft.

    Enchanting table in Minecraft
    An enchanting table in Minecraft

    A Forge can be utilized to acquire the highly desirable variant of the sharpness enchantment. The enchanting table can solely enchant the close-quarters weapon up to four tiers; nonetheless, there is just a solitary disadvantage. Gamers can also employ the enchanting table to forge the sharpness in Minecraft..

    Before we can proceed with the enchanting process, we need to ensure that we have an adequate supply of the necessary mineral. In Minecraft, as a crucial ingredient for enchanting, we must arrange Lapiz Lazuli, a mineral, to access the enchanting part.

  • By simply right-clicking on the enchantment table, you can easily reach the enchanting grid and your inventory, both of which will be showcased at the lower section of your screen.
  • Automatically enchant your melee weapon, the workbench. Move the first slot of the enchanting grid into the melee weapon’s inventory, and the second slot to the Lazuli Lapiz.
  • To complete the procedure, transfer it from the table to your inventory to permanently store it in the game.
  • Moreover, to increase the chances of getting a level four sharpness enchantment, cover the enchanting table with enchanted books in Minecraft.
    Enchanting a sword with the Sharpness enchantment in Minecraft
    Enchanting a sword with the Sharpness enchantment in Minecraft
  • Sharpness Enchantment Using The Anvil. In Minecraft

    An Anvil. is another essential Minecraft tool used to reshape or enchant items. Players can effortlessly obtain sharpness enchantment level five in Minecraft using the Anvil.. However, Anvil. requires enchanted books to enchant items in Minecraft.

    Anvil. in Minecraft
    Anvil. in Minecraft

    Moreover, crafting an Anvil. itself is a straightforward task. Players can mix four iron ingots and three iron ore blocks on the crafting table to get an Anvil.. You can also make Iron Ingots from Iron Nuggets in Minecraft. To understand the whole process, please read our extensive guide on How To Make Iron Nuggets in Minecraft?

    Players can obtain enchanted books through diverse in-game sources. We have provided a compilation of some of the sources below:

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    Trading With Librarian/Villager

    Librarian in Minecraft
    A librarian in Minecraft

    In Minecraft, there are a minimum of four villages that spawn randomly throughout the map. Within these villages, players have the opportunity to encounter local villagers or librarians. By utilizing emeralds as a form of currency, players can engage in trading various items with these villagers or librarians. To access the trade menu, simply approach the librarian closely and perform a right-click action.

    After receiving them from the librarian, players can use a few regular books and some emeralds to trade for an enchanted book in Minecraft, specifically one with the enchantment of sharpness, using an anvil.

    Trading with librarian for enchanted books to get the sharpness enchantment in Minecraft
    Trading for enchanting books with a librarian

    However, it is important to note that the acquisition of enchantments through trading is unpredictable. It does not specify the specific type of enchantment you will receive. Additionally, the level of enchantment will also depend on random chances. Specifically, a Librarian may sell you the same book of a similar level multiple times. The level of enchantment is dependent on random chances, and the type of enchantment is not specified. Obtaining enchantments through trading should be kept in mind as a critical factor, as it is done randomly.

    The requirements for enchantment books will vary depending on the level offered in the trade. For Librarians, an enchantment book can be obtained at different levels based on the trader’s expertise, ranging from Novice to Expert. Additionally, the level of the trader also impacts the deals he currently provides. Furthermore,

  • Enchanting at Level 1 will require 5-
  • Enchanting at Level 2 will require 8-
  • Enchanting at Level 3 will require 11-
  • Enchanting at level 4 will require 14-
  • Enchanting at Level 5 will require 17-
  • Generally, level 5 enchantments will often have an increased likelihood of requiring 64 emeralds. Consequently, the quantity cannot surpass this threshold; 64 serves as the maximum boundary. However, the expense of a level 5 enchantment may eventually exceed 64.

    Fishing For Enchanted Books

    In Minecraft, players can use enchantment Sharpness to get better at fighting, and they can get enchanted books with different fishing enchantments to increase their chances of getting good rewards while fishing. However, getting these enchantments in Minecraft is a non-efficient and therefore time-consuming method.

    Fishing for enchanting books
    Equip your fishing rod with its enchantments to increase your chances of getting unique items.

    Is fishing in Minecraft all about understanding? In Minecraft, players can fish to breed different species of fish and eat them. Fishing in Minecraft is a captivating hobby that can bless players with many unique rewards.

    Chests And Buried Treasures

    Players can easily find rare chests inside dungeons, shipwrecks, and temples of Minecraft. Moreover, digging around beaches can also reveal buried treasures. These are excellent sources of getting unique items in Minecraft. Open as many chests as possible to increase your chances of getting enchanted books. Later, these books can be used in Anvil. to craft sharpness enchantment in Minecraft.

    enchanting books in a chest
    Players can find enchanted books inside chests.

    Crafting Sharpness Enchantment In Minecraft Using Anvil.

    Once you obtain the magical books, the process of enchantment simplifies to a few easy steps. Here are the steps:

  • Right-clicking on the Anvil. will open it along with the player’s inventory at the bottom of the crafting table.
  • Gamers possess the choice to move their melee weapon to the starting point of the grid, while positioning the magical tome in the following slot.
  • Now, the close-quarters weapon will be automatically imbued with the keenness enchantment in Minecraft.
  • Players can complete the entire procedure by storing the bewitched weapon in their stockpile.
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    Weapons made of Gold are the only exception when it comes to enchanting a Table with Sharpness at level 5. However, every weapon needs an anvil to obtain an enchantment of level 5, despite this.

    enchantment level 5
    Players can obtain sharpness level 5 using the Anvil.

    Bastion Remnant

    Enchantment in Bastion Remnant
    Loot inside the Treasure Room of Bastion Remnant

    You might have a chance to find the book Enchantment Sharpness there. Inside this structure, there will be a Treasure room that holds several chests for looting. It is a castle-like structure in the Nether dimension called Bastion Remnant, where hostile mobs lurk inside.

    The Sharpness Enchantment may cause the Diamond and Iron Sword to appear in the chest.

    End Cities

    End City in Minecraft
    Loot Inside the End Cities

    At the boundary of the End Realm, one can discover the End Cities. Additionally, there exists an opportunity to come across the Sharpness Enchantment amidst the abundant precious treasures located within the End City.

    There are dedicated Loot Rooms for acquiring valuable items in relation to the loot. Prior to accessing the chest, it is necessary to navigate through a parkour area.

    The Diamond and Iron Sword may potentially appear in the chest with the Sharpness Enchantment.

    Sharpness Level 1000 (Bedrock Edition)

    In Minecraft, players can use enchantment level 1000 Sharpness to make their melee weapons extremely deadly. This enchantment is so powerful that it can eradicate anything it touches. Players can utilize certain commands to enchant their weapons with this level of enchantment. In the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, players can also use specific commands to enchant items.

    Below are the commands along with the step-by-step instructions for achieving Sharpness Level 1000 in Minecraft Bedrock edition.

    Sharpness level 1000 command in Minecraft
    Players can use this command if the one mentioned below does not work
  • In Minecraft, novices can find the option to enable LAN connectivity by accessing the Pause Menu. Before using console commands or cheats in Minecraft, make sure you have enabled them first.
  • Once enabled, all cheats have the ability to run and command a particular type using the game’s command console.
  • Copy and insert this command into the chat window of Minecraft: /give @p netherite_sword{Enchantments: [{id
  • Players can now use this enchanted weapon to fight against the most powerful mobs. By running the command to enchant your sword with a sharpness level of 1000 in Minecraft, you will have the ability to do so.
  • All players actually have the ability to enchant any item to any level using the aforementioned command mentioned above in Minecraft. They need to change the name of the required enchantment in order to upgrade it to the level they want.

    killing a wild mob
    Killing a wild mob using the Sharpness Enchantment in Minecraft

    How was your experience with the Enchantment Sharpness at level 1000 in Minecraft? What items do you have that are enchanted using this trick? What do you think about the console command to enchant items in Minecraft? We have compiled a comprehensive guide here to help you.

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