Optimal Video Settings and d3prefs

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Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 – 4:15 PM, the first entry.

Optimal Video Settings and d3prefs

Implementing optimizations to maximize FPS while simultaneously reducing instances of UI glitches and unintended clicks.

Functions flawlessly for both Host and within virtual machines.

Notably, the video configurations for D3 are stored individually for each Windows user, a feature that has been in place since the inception of RoS-Bot.

Explore the realm of D3 with an additional (restricted) Windows user, where every modification you apply within this unique D3 experience comes to life.

The automated bot initiation ensures that your settings remain unaffected when commencing the game in the usual manner.

Engage in playful adventures with your companions, leaving no room for excuses when it comes to optimizing the bot’s performance.

Ensure that Windows has Display Scaling disabled, set to its original setting of 100%.

Make a quick right-click on your Desktop, navigate to the Display Settings option, and bring about some delightful alterations. This step holds immense significance, so pay close attention.

First of all, go over all settings and change to Low, Off and None, where applicable.

3. Resolution

Change Display to Windowed.
Ignore the actual resolution (1920×1080 / 1280×800 / 800×600 etc) for now. It’s greyed out when in Window mode and has nothing to do with the actual resolution.

Please click on Accept in order to close the Video Settings menu before proceeding to the next step.

Employ the mouse to effortlessly drag (click & hold) the window borders/edges of D3, much like you would manipulate the size of any other software window within the Windows operating system.

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Shrink the window to its tiniest form, achieving a remarkable size of 800×600, disregarding the resolution indicated in the dimmed Video settings.


Below, you will find some captivating d3Prefs edits.

Their sole purpose is to extract an additional 1-5 fps on exceedingly sluggish devices.

Please ensure to exit the game entirely as you embark on modifying the video settings file, as it is imperative that the game remains inactive throughout the process.

Explore File Explorer and navigate to C:\Users. You’ll stumble upon a rather peculiarly named user folder, like WRyM609j1OMyU3, for instance*. Enter into that directory, and delve into \Documents\Diablo III\.

Explore the depths of d3Prefs.Txt to uncover hidden treasures that await your editing prowess.

  • MipOffset: 10.
  • DisableChromaEffects: 1.
  • DisableTrilinearFiltering: 1.
  • MipBias: 10.
  • HardwareClass: 1.
  • Enhancing the game’s visual aesthetics would be compromised, yet the game’s performance would be significantly improved. Higher FPS results in superior bot capabilities.

    Save and seal the file. Give the file a quick right-click in the File Explorer, then navigate to Properties. Toggle the file into Read-Only mode.

    Input: *If you come across a scenario where you stumble upon numerous peculiar and unconventional user folders residing in the C:\Users directory, owing to a certain circumstance.

    Due to your frequent resetting and reinstalling of the bot for various support-related matters, an impressive number of bots have been brought into existence.

    Explore the depths of C:\Users\your_username\Documents\RoS-Bot\RosBotGlobalSettings.Ini and unveil its hidden secrets. Unveil its enigmatic contents with the aid of notepad, for instance.

    Towards the lower end, there ought to be a designated line that reads “LocalD3User = fJ8nHG3ftA2g” or something along those lines.

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    The designated folder for users awaits your arrival, beckoning you to explore its contents and make changes to the d3prefs.Txt file linked to the bot installation at hand.

    In case you wish to undo these alterations, you have the option to either revert the values to their original state or simply eliminate the file entirely.

    On the next run, D3 will conjure up a fresh one. Just ensure to revisit the in-game settings once more.

    Restart the bot and witness the transformation of D3 into a visually unappealing yet highly efficient masterpiece!


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