How Much Storage Does Minecraft Take Up? (Explained)

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game

Avid gamers are captivated by Minecraft due to its unparalleled features that transport them into a realm of boundless imagination.

Nevertheless, the vast realms and the staggering array of instruments may leave you pondering the extent to which they can consume your storage space.

Discover if you possess ample room to install and operate the game.

Minecraft on iphone

Minecraft, a compact game, occupies a mere fraction of 1 GB on various devices and operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, and more.

Nevertheless, this magnificent entity has the capacity to expand beyond its initial form, reaching a staggering size of over 30 gigabytes as one delves into uncharted realms, incorporates novel dimensions, integrates innovative enhancements, and adorns it with an array of captivating visual embellishments.

In the realm of digital creations, Minecraft doesn’t occupy much space as it embraces humble low-resolution textures and uncomplicated 3D elements.

The Minecraft installation file boasts a petite size, occupying a mere fraction of 1 GB (approximately 525 MB for the Java Edition and 900 MB for the Bedrock Edition).

Once the primary file is installed, its size will expand to slightly exceed 1 gigabyte.

Installing the fundamental file folders necessitates meeting both the minimum and recommended storage prerequisites.

In order to smoothly run Windows 10, a minimum of 2 GB of memory space and a file size of 1 GB are required. However, for optimal performance, it is advised to have 8 GB of memory and a file size of 4 GB.

Upon installation of the game on a Mac device, the designated installation folder will occupy a modest 385.5 MB of precious space, as explicitly mentioned on the renowned App Store.

Nevertheless, a minimum of 1 to 2 gigabytes of available storage is required for installation.

The sizes of Xbox and PS4 games may differ based on their respective editions.

Behold the visual representation:

  • Xbox One: A mere 1.29 gigabytes.
  • Xbox 360: a mere 113.21 megabytes.
  • The storage capacity of the PS3 is a mere 90 megabytes.
  • The PlayStation 4 requires 225 megabytes of storage space.
  • Nintendo Switch: A compact wonder, boasting a mere 1.12 gigabytes of gaming goodness.
  • Unleash the power of the PS Vita with its remarkable 164 MB capacity.
  • Discover the enchanting world of Wii U with a mesmerizing 1.62 GB of pure gaming bliss.
  • The Android version boasts a unique divergence from its counterparts, exhibiting a delightful array of variations amidst diverse operating systems. Depending on the device, this captivating concoction can range approximately at 112 MB, enchanting the majority of users.

    Amazon claims that the most recent edition of the game on Kindle Fire is a mere 138.5 MB.

    Keep in mind that the sizes of these files can differ depending on the device and version of Minecraft.

    Consequently, varied figures may be discovered across diverse sources.

    Take a moment to observe the contrasting nature of storage files between the esteemed PS4 and its predecessor, the PS3.

    The reason behind this disparity lies in the distinctiveness of the versions, with the PS4 edition boasting a plethora of expansive worlds.

    Minecraft Extra Storage Items

    Minecraft on phone

    As previously stated, the dimensions of the storage item exclusively pertain to the fundamental file sizes necessary during installation.

    Nevertheless, with every step you take in Minecraft, your disk space gradually diminishes.

    The Minecraft client occupies approximately 200 MB of space, and as the game continuously evolves and stores data, it demands a progressively expanding storage capacity.

    Depending on your unique playstyle, the size of the save files will expand exponentially.

    If your inclination leans towards venturing into far-flung territories or charting vast expanses, you shall encounter significantly amplified file dimensions.

    Furthermore, the game diligently preserves each and every chunk that you bring into existence. Consequently, your file size will experience a significant expansion solely from the act of venturing into uncharted territories, even without making any alterations.

    Take into consideration that each segment measures no less than 4 kilobytes.

    By considering a region with a complete population of 1024 chunks, one can engage in mathematical calculations to determine the extent of exploration required.

    Behold, behold! I present to you a collection of miscellaneous artifacts that have the power to swiftly inflate your cavernous storage repositories:

    1. Mods

    Within the expansive realm of Minecraft, mods serve as delightful extensions, imbuing your World with an array of novel functionalities encompassing an assortment of tools and formidable weaponry.

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    Despite occupying minimal storage space individually, the accumulation of numerous mods becomes imperative during gameplay.

    2. Resource Packs

    Enhance your gaming experience with the aid of resource packs and texture packs, versatile items that bring a delightful twist to the visual and auditory elements of your gameplay.

    As your game progresses, you’ll accumulate vast collections of these files, even though each separate file occupies minimal storage.

    3. Minecraft Worlds

    Whether you embark on a solitary adventure or venture into a realm with fellow players, numerous save files will sprout like seeds, gradually consuming the precious space within your storage.

    Once more, a humble realm in the realm of Minecraft does not occupy a substantial amount of storage capacity, merely encompassing approximately 30 megabytes.

    Nevertheless, the realm of multiplayer gaming expands exponentially as countless players immerse themselves in the interactive universe, resulting in a substantial accumulation of gigabytes.

    4. Plugins

    For the passionate Minecraft enthusiasts, it’s common knowledge that a vast array of plugins exists, ready to elevate your gaming experience to unimaginable heights. These remarkable additions, be it maps or innovative features, seamlessly integrate with your browser, opening up a world of endless possibilities.

    Nevertheless, these plugins have the propensity to occupy a significant amount of storage capacity.

    5. Hosting A Server

    By hosting a server on Minecraft, you open the doors to a captivating realm where fellow players bring their unique worlds and mods into your system.

    Your storage capacity will expand exponentially with each additional player.

    The cumulative effect of all these components can result in significant consumption of your disk capacity, occasionally reaching a staggering 20 to 30 GB.

    Hence, it’s crucial to exercise caution when venturing into uncharted territories.

    Imagine immersing yourself in vast uncharted territories, untouched by your physical presence. Embark on a daring expedition, embracing an array of innovative tools and plugins that do not merely cater to your gameplay. Alternatively, venture into realms of excitement by indulging in the untamed allure of downloadable adventure maps.

    If that’s the scenario, anticipate a rapid filling up of your storage.

    How To Check Minecraft Size

    minecraft logo

    Discover the extent of disk space claimed by Minecraft on every device to liberate extra room.

    For PS4 users, navigating through the settings is like embarking on a thrilling treasure hunt. Begin your quest by venturing into the mystical realm of “Settings,” where you will unveil the hidden secrets of your console. Traverse further into the depths of “Storage,” where the captivating wonders of your system storage await. But lo and behold, the ultimate destination lies within the sacred realm of “Saved data,” specifically within the enchanting realm of Minecraft. Prepare yourself, brave adventurer, for a journey that will transport you to unimaginable realms of creativity and endless possibilities.

    By simply right-clicking on the Minecraft folder and choosing Properties, one can effortlessly ascertain the amount of storage space that Minecraft has claimed on a Windows operating system.

    In case you’re clueless about the whereabouts of the Minecraft installation file on your computer, fear not! Unveil the mystical run box by summoning the powerful combination of Win + R and uttering the sacred incantation %AppData%/.Minecraft.

    Navigating through Mac OS, you can effortlessly explore your Minecraft installation and safeguard your game files with the built-in functionality.

    Input: In order to access this feature, launch the game and choose a Minecraft World from the available options.

    Instead of diving straight into the game, why not give the Edit button a little tap?

    Discover the mystical realm by selecting the Open World Folder, unveiling a hidden passage within the game’s installation pathway.

    Ascend to the preceding directory, unveiling a trove of preserved data.

    Explore the magnitude of files by simply tapping into their properties.

    In case the save files on your Mac device seem elusive, fret not, for there exists an alternative approach.

    Begin by opening the Terminal and pasting the subsequent command within it:

    Let the hidden treasures reveal their secrets by executing the command ‘defaults write com.Apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE’.

    Afterward, it is imperative to reboot your device in order to unveil the concealed files within the finder.

    Discover the hidden gems of Minecraft as the save files unveil themselves within the depths of the home folder.

    Input: Access the Library directory, then journey into Application support > Minecraft > Saves.

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    Within this directory lie a plethora of Minecraft save files and world documents.

    Minecraft’s “You’re Out Of Storage” Error

    man playing minecraft

    When venturing into uncharted realms and acquiring fresh plugins, mods, or resource and texture packs, one might encounter an unfortunate occurrence – an error message indicating insufficient storage space in Minecraft precisely at the moment of embarking upon a new world expedition.

    In situations like these, it becomes imperative to create ample room to ensure optimal performance of the game.

    Several alternative approaches have the capability to tackle this particular issue.

    1. Delete The Worlds You Don’t Use

    When you find yourself short on storage space, the most effective approach is to trim down additional elements such as modifications and virtual realms.

    On occasion, the game has a knack for generating replicas that consume valuable storage capacity.

    Take, for instance, it refrains from obliterating the preexisting files and realms upon upgrading to a fresh edition.

    There are two methods available for eliminating undesirable worlds: deletion options.

    Unlock the game’s inherent capability to craft and obliterate realms effortlessly while immersed in the gameplay.

    Keep in mind that selecting this choice will irrevocably erase the entirety of existence.

    Therefore, you have the ability to export the Universe, enabling its utilization in the days to come.

    Navigate to the primary menu and give a gentle tap on the tab labeled “Realms”.

    Click Edit.

    Upon activation, a myriad of possibilities shall unfold before you, presenting a captivating menu teeming with an array of intriguing choices.

    Keep scrolling until you stumble upon the option to Erase Universe.

    Simply give the Delete button a tap and voila!

    Another alternative is to eliminate the save folder of that World.

    The pathway to access the save files is as follows:


    Behold! Witness a compilation of all the magnificent realms preserved within this extraordinary game. Simply perform a right-click maneuver upon your desired realm, and with a mere click, embrace the power to erase it from existence.

    On the flip side, you have the option of utilizing external software to eradicate, replicate, or transport worlds and chunks.

    The MCA Selector is an exceptional tool that seamlessly integrates with the Java edition, offering the flexibility to export or eliminate chunks and worlds with utmost ease.

    Keep in mind, though, that every alteration made is permanent; therefore, if you find yourself hesitant about erasing a realm, ensure you create a duplicate before proceeding further.

    2. Get A Backup Of The Worlds

    In order to preserve your Worlds, instead of completely eliminating them, one option would be to generate a backup of these folders, ensuring their long-term security.

    When you engage in gaming through Xbox Game Pass, your virtual realms will effortlessly reside both within your device and the ethereal realm of the Cloud.

    Nevertheless, the option of manual backup is at your disposal for Windows 10, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, allowing you to take matters into your own hands.

    Accessing the backup feature is a breeze! Simply head over to the game menu, nestled snugly under the Edit section.

    Explore the realm of creativity by tapping on the enchanting pencil icon, which grants you access to the mystical Edit menu. From there, embark on a wondrous journey to the realm of Settings.

    Explore the wonders of Copy World and obtain a magnificent backup of your very own World.

    If you’re using an iOS device, you have the amazing option of securely backing up all your files on the cloud through iCloud. Wondering how? Follow these simple steps:

    Input: Navigating through an iPad, venture into Files, then proceed to Browse. From there, delve into the realm of On My iPad, until you stumble upon the extraordinary world of Minecraft. Within this realm, journey through the Games folder, uncovering the secrets hidden within com.Mojang. Finally, unlock the gateway to infinite possibilities by entering the Minecraftworlds domain.

    Embrace the infinite possibilities of Minecraft realms by simply pressing and embracing the digital worlds. Unlock the hidden menu and effortlessly choose the divine option of preserving your progress to the sacred realm of files.

    Indulge in the whimsical realm of iCloud as you handpick the enchanted abodes where your Minecraft worlds shall dwell.

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    Click Save.

    3. Transfer Your Worlds To Another Device

    In a different approach, you have the option to migrate your gaming files from your present device to another, thus liberating storage capacity and preventing any potential loss of valuable data.

    Nevertheless, navigating Minecraft files can be quite intricate, necessitating the utilization of Minecraft Realm.

    This incredible subscription service provides the opportunity to securely store your cherished games in the vast expanse of the Cloud, enabling both solitary endeavors and delightful multiplayer experiences.

    Additionally, it grants you the freedom to seamlessly transition between various devices, empowering you to harness its capabilities for both Bedrock Edition and Java Edition.

    Prior to utilizing this feature, ensure that you possess a live Realm.

    Navigate to the primary device, venture into the game’s Edit menu, locate the esteemed Realms list, and tap on your very own Realm.

    Choose the option “Replace Universe,” give your confirmation, and simply tap on the desired Universe that you wish to transfer.

    Input: After the upload is ready, click on Let’s Go.Once the upload is prepared, simply tap on the Let’s Go button.

    Proceed to the second device and unveil the enchanting world of Minecraft.

    Navigate to the Edit segment and handpick your very own Realm.

    Opt for the Download World option to initiate the system’s downloading procedure with a simple tap on the Let’s go button.

    4. Delete Mods

    The tiniest of Minecraft mods can swiftly consume your memory and trigger the aforementioned error.

    Unburden your device by effortlessly removing the unused mods and reclaiming valuable storage.

    Uncover the hidden mods folder by entering %appdata% into the search box located in the taskbar.

    Explore the enchanting Roaming folder and venture into the captivating Minecraft folder within the newly opened window.

    As you gaze into the following window, behold the mystical realm of the mods folder, a haven where all the enchanting mods reside.

    Indulge in the freedom of hand-picking and discarding mods according to your preferences.

    To completely remove all modifications, simply right-click on the bin folder and opt for the Delete option.

    In the event that eliminating undesired files proves ineffective in resolving storage issues, one could consider uninstalling and subsequently reinstalling the game.

    Keep in mind, however, that removing Minecraft from your device will result in the unfortunate loss of all your meticulously crafted realms and modifications.

    To prevent any unfortunate file losses, it is highly recommended to either create backups of your Minecraft Realm or securely store the save folders elsewhere.

    RAM Space Required For Minecraft

    playing minecraft pocket

    Apart from the disk space required for Minecraft, it is crucial to ensure ample memory for seamless gameplay.

    Just like any other application, specific files must reside in the Random Access Memory in order to swiftly retrieve and execute the program.

    In the event of limited RAM space, the game will conveniently store its temporary data on the hard disk, ensuring smooth gameplay.

    The predicament lies in the fact that due to the sluggish nature of hard disks, the speed of your programs will be compromised, leading to a faster depletion of your storage capacity.

    Keep an eye on the Processes tab in the Task Manager whilst running Minecraft to discover the amount of RAM it engrosses.

    In most cases, a RAM capacity of 4 GB should suffice to ensure Minecraft runs seamlessly.

    Should your RAM storage fall below this threshold, it might be necessary to remove any modifications.

    Prior to proceeding, ensure the cessation of all concurrent background processes in order to liberate valuable RAM capacity and ascertain its effectiveness.

    Clearing the cache presents an alternative method to liberate valuable RAM capacity.

    As the cache files pile up, the RAM is compelled to intensify its efforts and allocate additional space to ensure swift program execution.

    Fear not the loss of cherished data such as game modifications and immersive realms, tailor-made configurations, nor the keys to your digital kingdom.

    Purging the cache solely eradicates transient information employed to enhance the speed of certain operations.

    In the event that none of the previously mentioned approaches prove fruitful, you might consider enhancing the size of your RAM for a more substantial upgrade.

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